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Playboy TV Swing Season 3.

So Playboy TV Swing Season 3 has just recently started airing. It is not shown on TV everywhere yet (well, not here in Australia at least!), so we do the next best thing: we subscribe to Playboy TV so we can watch the episodes as they are released. They are currently up to episode 3. […]


Swinger Wives – An Accurate Reflection Of The Lifestyle?

As with any reality TV program, the aim is to generate drama to gain high ratings. As we watched it, we were initially saddened to think they had chosen these couples as a true reflection of what the lifestyle was.   We have experienced none of the ‘issues’ the couples on the program had, but […]


Swingers Keeping In Shape.

We are very excited to be heading away to Desire Resort in 3 weeks time. We’ve been eating right and exercising, trying to look and feel our best for the up coming vacation. Not only that, but to get the fitness and stamina to be able to go all night, every night and then front […]