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Last Minute Tips For The Lifestyle Cruise!

As we sit here on a balcony of a cruise ship lamenting that we had to cancel our trip on the Swingers Cruise, (that annoying thing called “work” got in the way of us flying over) we still wanted to share with you some pearls of wisdom for your upcoming Lifestyle Takeover on the Freedom […]


A Sexy Thing To Do In Melbourne, Australia!

We travel all over the world and the one thing people always ask us is ‘what is the Lifestyle scene like in Australia?’ It’s a difficult question to answer because we’ve not been actively involved in scenes anywhere else but here in Melbourne. The second question we get is really a statement ‘I have always […]


Lifestyle Reading

So you are interested in trying out the Lifestyle and wondering where to get the best information. Besides our website (of course!) there are some really helpful resources available for you to embark on the wonderful journey that is the Lifestyle. We wanted to share with you a few books on the topic for new […]