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Toyride With Nikki & Dan

The adorable Nikki and Dan are back on your TV screens with their new show Toyride. If you loved Swing, you’ll enjoy a trip down memory lane where former Swing house mates reunite to try out new toys, which invariably leads to steamy action in the bedroom (and the lounge room, floor, bathroom…). It’s that […]


TAS Ep 43 – We Drink With Nikki & Dan From Toyride.

Ellie and Al chat with the super sexy Nikki & Dan from Playboy TV Toyride and Playboy TV Swing. It’s Dick Taco’s on the menu today as they share their favorite toys and their journey from Swing to Toyride. If you loved them back in Swing, you’ll love them in Toyride where they visit toy […]


TAS Ep 42 – Dream Pleasure Tours

Ellie and Al chat with John from Dream Pleasure Tours about the new Hedo Love Fest and he has a huge announcement for the world… a game changer in Lifestyle travel. Apologies for a couple of audio interferences, we are chatting on opposite sides of the world after all and John’s dog wanted to be […]