60 Minute Stamina

** UPDATE **

This product, “60 Minute Stamina” is no longer available. Here is the best alternative I can offer at the moment called “Erect on Demand”. Click HERE to see it.

I will update this page shortly with more options for you.


Every male in the lifestyle – read carefully!

If you want stronger, harder erections whenever you want, without using any ‘performance enhancing drug’, and you want to delay ejaculation until you are (or more importantly – your partner is!) ready, then this is the post for YOU!

Lasting longer during sexual encounters (or long enough to please our ladies), can be difficult for some guys. Sometimes that bloody condom dulls the feeling slightly right? It can make it more challenging for us to gain and maintain an erection. I’ll be honest – it has happened to me.

If you continually buy some blue pills to help you, then this is a much more cost effective investment with zero side effects! There are many on line programs that help you to gain and maintain an erection, but there is absolutely nothing you will find anywhere that comes close to this. Nothing.

60 Minute Stamina

60 Minute Stamina

“60 Minute Stamina”, is an online program. It features some of the world’s leading porn stars instructing & demonstrating their techniques. Basically they have a discussion about what they think about during sex, what they do, and how they act and react in certain situations to help keep a hard erection. Then they actually go and demonstrate it. So while they are having sex on set, they will keep doing it and talk you through what they are specifically doing and thinking. You will have never seen anything like this before!

Ron Jeremy also has an enlightening 45 minute seminar where he discusses many things – one of those is the topic of swinging. His thoughts on swinging for beginners, how to act, how to handle the awkward moments. It really is a fantastic opinion on swinging from one of the world’s leading porn stars.

There are more than 25 videos, and over 7 hours of instructional content in the form of seminars, sexual demonstrations, as well as interactive training segments that help you develop staying power and delay ejaculation.

Here is the best part – Try out the whole system for 30 days & if you don’t like it or it doesn’t solve your issues then you can get a full refund and put the money towards Zenerect pills or something like that!

It is well worth your time to take a look at: 60 Minute Stamina.