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TAS Ep. 47 – Ellie & Al get Naughty in LA

Ellie and Al experience the first Naughty in LA and explain some of the differences to Naughty in Nawlins. Cockblocking children, podcasters and yellow mafia are all featured.

They hit the high seas for 4 nights of seamen on Couples Cruise, a full West Coast lifestyle takeover. Hear about what to expect on a Couples Cruise and why Ellie failed to find the chocolate!

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TAS EP. 46 – Ellie In Bed With a Call Girl.

Ellie gets into bed with a legal prostitute from the Bunny Ranch on Couples Cruise. Reminiscent of a scene from ‘Pretty Woman’, they get up close and personal in a gigantic bed in their Penthouse on board the ship.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a legal courtesan?

This sexy bundle of energy shares all things swinging, poly, porn, sex, anal… all the fun stuff! Did you know listening to stomach digestion is an erotic kink?

If you want to know what goes on behind closed doors, listen in.

Visit Lexie in Reno – http://theaussieswingers.com/lexie

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TAS Ep. 45 – Getting Some Serious Loven!!

Ellie and Al get some Organic Loven from a super sexy couple Taylor and Dwayne. There’s now no excuse not to eat your man’s meat with vegan condoms (not tested on horses, except for Dwayne). Such an eye opener of a podcast for us, if you’ve ever suffered a yeast infection, UTI or unexplained dermatitis down ‘there’, listen up! It could be your lube, condoms, toys or wipes. It’s all about creating good pussy baby!! Look out for their ‘Lubervention’ coming soon. Can’t wait to catch those guys again for some more sexy Sangria.





TAS Ep 44 – LLV Rumba Cruise Wrap Up


Ellie and Al return from the LLV Rumba Mediterranean cruise and give an overview of life on board the Azamara Quest. Also hear how to enhance the experience by doing a pre-cruise takeover with The Swinger Cruise and get a huge head start on meeting great couples.

We’re heading to Alaska in 2018, check it out: http://theaussieswingers.com/Alaska

Next up is Couples Cruise from LA. At time of posting they’re offering a free drinks package for mini suite, book here: http://theaussieswingers.com/CouplesCruise

Wanting to do a pre-cruise event in Europe? http://theaussieswingers.com/TSC

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Toyride With Nikki & Dan

The adorable Nikki and Dan are back on your TV screens with their new show Toyride. If you loved Swing, you’ll enjoy a trip down memory lane where former Swing house mates reunite to try out new toys, which invariably leads to steamy action in the bedroom (and the lounge room, floor, bathroom…). It’s that similar mix of sex toy education and hot swinging action that you’ll be familiar with from Swing.

Self confessed sex toy novices, see all their Christmases come at once as they are introduced to some rather interesting, unique and impressive toys on the market (a 3D printed replica of Dan’s cock for example!).

It’s such a fun show and being able to see behind the scenes how various toys are made, learning how they are used and then seeing them in action. A must watch for everyone on the hunt for something to spice up their sex life (I’ve ordered Eva!!).

Make sure you follow them on twitter @dirtylovegamesx or visit their website for details of their awesome parties (DO NOT miss their New Years Eve party, it will be EPIC!).

Click HERE to get all episodes from Playboy Toyride (and Playboy Swing of course)!

Our podcast with Nikki and Daniel, Episode 43


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Ep 2 – Dame Products – Eva

Ep 3 – Liberator – Sex Furniture

Ep 4 – Sportsheets – Soft BDSM Accessories

Ep 6 – Screaming O – Clitoral Vibrators and Cock Rings

Ep 10 – Dick Taco – Masturbation Sleeve

Ep 10 – Pipedream Products – ‘Fuck me silly’ ass. Spank it!