Celebrity Century Lifestyle Cruise

(Due to a few technical issues with this site, this post took a while to come out. But here it is!)

What can I say, another amazing vacation by the Couples Cruise. A beautiful ship, amazing people and only 1 flight to get there. This was the first full takeover Lifestyle Cruise on the West Coast and it certainly didn’t disappoint. We liked the idea of a smaller ship, around 2000 people as opposed to the East Coast cruises with up to 4000.

The pre cruise organisation was a little lacking. People seemed to be spread across 3 different hotels and with many people driving in on the day it was all a bit of a fizzle. We did have an unofficial gathering at the bar the night before the cruise, but we’d already met most of the people at the hotel pool that day.

Embarkation was a breeze, there was a line up for the hotel to port shuttle but only because one of the buses had broken down. There were 3 ships in town so it was funny talking to people in the queue at the hotel. They were probably wondering why there were so many good looking people going on the Celebrity Century.

Once at the port, I would say it took us 10 mins then we were on the ship. It was so fast and well organised. We arrived at about 12 and our room was ready. We had a balcony on deck 9 which was great. It felt really spacious and had a larger than normal bathroom.

Sail away was delayed by someone being taken off in handcuffs by the police. Rumours were circulating as to why which ranged from drugs to firearms. Certainly not worth spending your vacation in jail.

Every day on the ship there was so much happening and so many ways to meet new people. From meet and greets within travel groups, to couple’s speed dating of the naked variety!

There was a sexologist on board who delivered an interactive (and sometimes practical) lecture each day on different topics such as sex toys, better oral sex, effective communication, group massage etc…. Each of these sessions were at capacity attendance which highlights the popularity of these topics.

Theme rooms on this ship were similar to our previous trip in November of 2012. There was a “Dungeon” for those into that side of the lifestyle; there was a “Dark Room” which was a totally dark room with a large bed in the centre; and lastly there was the main playroom which was the “Hospitality Suite” on Deck 7. So depending on your mood and where you were, you had quite a few options for playing!

Our good friends Matt & Bianca from everybodyswing.com have released a podcast from their time on the ship, so you can listen to that by clicking HERE! Matt & Bianca have a whole series of podcasts that are very informative and highly entertaining, so have a listen.

There were many rumours circulating about the future of Couples Cruises such as this. Long story short, but there is a promising future for Couples cruising. Next year there are partial ship takeovers, and the following year (2016) will have a full ship take over on a Royal Caribbean ship.

There is, however, a Lifestyle cruise via Desire Cruises out of Rio de Janiro, Brazil from January 3-10, 2015. Click HERE to see read more about that. We have friends that have previously been on a Desire Cruise and speak very highly of them.