Couples Cruise April 16 – 23, 2016


We enjoy Lifestyle Clubs, parties and events, and whilst the environments are erotic, sexually charged and incredibly arousing, we always end up with the post party funk. You know the feeling, when it all comes to an end. We enjoy it at the time and bask in the aftermath and what can I say, those endorphins are incredibly addictive. But when they fade, you’re left with incredible memories, but back to to ordinary, mundane day to day life. We often throw around the idea of creating a Lifestyle gated community where you can live and breathe it, with like minded neighbors. Borrowing a cup of sugar (or borrowing your neighbours wife) will never be the same again. Where each property has an interconnecting fence, where friends can just drop by, join you in the pool or jacuzzi or just come over for drinks. Ahhh back to reality

We were at a party the other night, thinking, what an amazing, sexy group of people we were surrounded by. We all got along extremely well and everybody just gelled. It was one of the above scenarios where we could have quite happily cohabited side by side with this group. But then, it ended.




But what if it didn’t have to end? What if you could have this feeling for 8 days and 7 nights with not just a few sexy couples, but over 1,700. Sounds like a dream? Something unattainable? No, it’s well within each of most and it offers some of the most flexible payment plans of any vacation you’ll find.




Yes, we’re talking about the Couples Cruise and there’s one just around the corner. Whilst we wont be in attendance this year we have made so many friends over the years that you’re bound to run into people we know. We’ll even tell them you’re coming!


balcony_stateroomThe MSC Divina is a spectacular ship. We’re included some photos here and I know your mind will just boggle at the sexy possibilities, even before you see it decked out in full ‘Lifestyle Mode’. It’s a sexy ship, with incredible lighting, a plethora of pools and jacuzzi’s and check this out, your very own red room complete with padded head board. No more concussion in the throws of passion.


divina_047To be clear, this is a FULL SHIP takeover so you are guaranteed everyone will have a sexy attitude and have loads of fun. The ports are great, we’ve sailed the Caribbean many times and sailing from Miami, always means the pre-cruise party will be off the hook! Fancy exploring some sexy ports with your sexy new friends? St. Maarten, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas are some of the best ports to do it, not to mention the excursions organized exclusively for the Lifestyle crowd.




If you’ve been on one of the Couples Cruises before, you’ll know Bob and Tess. The only way to describe their events…Incredible! Here’s a flashback of the daily ‘Seaman Show’ theme song, one which we are still singing, years later.



CoupleCruisePromoImageNoMark-0410So, don’t delay, cabins are still available as are payment plans, so you have some breathing space to get it together. She sets sail April 16th – 23rd, 2016, don’t miss the boat!


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