Desire Cabo Resort Review 2013

Desire Los Cabos Closing

Here is an account of our recent trip to the new Desire Resort in Los Cabos. It is an information packed read!


Trip to Resort

I will start this report from the airport and include some tips as I go. After you have collected your baggage from the carousel and as you are clearing the customs area, the last thing you have to do is press a button. If the light comes up green you are free to go; if it lights up red then you have to have your bags opened and thoroughly searched. So pray for a green light so you are not delayed and can begin your lifestyle vacation sooner!

Tip: Just after you leave this area you walk out into the foyer and out of the airport. In the foyer there are lots of companies who will try to sign you up for day tours and excursions etc… Just before you walk out the doors to this area (after pressing the button) there is a sign above that says “Residents through the Left door”, and “Tourists through the Right door”. In hindsight we should have walked through the “resident” door as they both open to the same area! It just gives these tour guides a chance to see who is a tourist or not and who to try to sell the tours to.

It was about a 20 min bus ride from airport through a cactus forest on the toll road to the Desire Resort on the shuttle bus. Our stop was the first with a busload of people, and you could hear all of the collective thoughts in their heads wishing they were getting off at the same stop as us! “Desire Resort & Spa – Deliciously Erotic” is plastered over the front wall as you drive up so they all clearly know what resort you are staying at.

At check in, you receive a glass of champagne each as you are welcomed and told about the resort, and then you take care of the administration and formalities. Then you will receive a wristband each for you to wear during your stay and you can wear this either on your wrist or ankle.

Tip: We wear the band on the opposite ankle to each other. We wear ours on the “outside leg” for the side of the bed we sleep on so we won’t scratch each other during the night sleeping or any other nocturnal activities.

The porter will take your bags up to your room and show you a few of the basics of the room (TV, A/C, etc…)

We needed to get a few supplies to have some room snacks. This is where Desire Los Cabos is different to Desire Riveria Maya, Cancun, as far as location goes. RM has you deep in the middle of nowhere surrounded by alligators in the pond out the front. If you needed to go to town or leave the resort it is a long(ish) cab ride. At Cabo there is a huge store called “Mega” directly across the street and up the steps that will take you about 4 minutes to walk to. It is a huge store with everything you will need from food, snacks, clothing, pharmaceutical items, sunscreen, and even a 42” plasma if you want to take one home.

Tip: If you want to use the Internet then next to Mega is Starbucks where you can get free wifi with a coffee purchase.



Our room was a garden view room that was a long way away from the main pool area so we had to do a lot of walking. But we don’t mind this ‘incidental’ activity to help keep the weight off. Our room was big enough for a couch and king size bed and we had a small balcony. Our friends had a Jacuzzi suite and their room was much larger. I believe they were also treated to bed decorations each night. They also had an ipod dock where as our room did not. Their Jacuzzi comfortably fit us 4 in but there could be room for 2 more if required…

Channel 26 is the porn channel. It is something to watch whilst your other half is getting dressed for the evening. 1 movie usually plays on repeat for the whole day. We don’t go there to watch the porn but it can certainly help to get you in the mood for the nightly festivities.



Suki, Il Piacere and Tentazione are the names of the 3 restaurants. The resort was below capacity when we were there so all of the restaurants were not open every night. This worked out ok because you get to try out all of the restaurants and it keeps most people at the resort together.

The Habachi grill at Suki was very nice & we had that several times. You can also get lobster at any of the restaurants (for an extra charge). The restaurants are kind of spread out as opposed to Desire RM. Here you have Suki at the front entrance, Il Piacere is located just inside the resort (you also have breakfast here), and Tentazione is located down by the pool (you have the lunch buffet here).

One night at Tentazione there was man playing a harp so that was a little different.

There is a dress code to get into Suki. I am unsure about the other restaurants. One evening a male in our group was wearing shorts and flip-flops. He was told to either put dress shoes on or dress trousers. So guys make sure you pack something to wear to dinner

At lunch there was a lot of fried foods, and the waiters will bring you a bowl of fried corn chips each time you sit down to eat, but there is still enough variety for you to choose a healthier option such as salad or vegetables as well as steak, fish and chicken grilled on request.

We liked having late night pizza at RM. Here there is a small pizza station behind the Melange Bar, but the pizza was often warm not hot. But at 3am, who’s complaining?

We never ordered room service but that is a 24-hour option if you wish.



Get involved in the activities provided by the entertainment staff. It is one of the best ways to get to know other people and interact. There are quite physical games such as water polo, water basketball, water volleyball, beach volleyball and iron man competition, but there are some less physically exerting activities such as shooting range, corn hole, horse shoe toss, darts and water basketball shooting.

With most of these games, if a female messes up (such as a missed serve in volleyball) she is given another chance to serve due to the “booby rule” which is basically to show your boobs and you get another turn. Fabulous rule!

As you play theses games you get to meet others who are on your team and then potentially have a drink with them afterwards in the pool. There is also some trivia on a variety of topics such as sex, movies, music and TV. Again these are good for interaction with others.

You can also win some great prizes by playing these games so get involved. It helps the entertainment staff and the more you play and participate, the more fun the whole environment becomes.


Entertainment Staff

David, Antonio, Angie & Cesar (Update – as at November 2012, David & Cesar are no longer there, but there is a new girl named April) were doing their best to get people involved in the daily activities. They did a fabulous job, but it is more helpful to them if guests participate, which most did. As long as there are some people participating then the rest of the crowd gets involved and has a laugh.

The 4 of them were often walking around chatting and trying to get to know the guests which we thought was quite nice.


Pool & Jacuzzi

The pool was quite large compared to RM. There is a swim up bar that gives you some shade so you can sit on the pool stool and have a drink there.

The surrounding areas of the pool and Jacuzzi are very slippery when wet, so dry your feet if you get out of the water to go to the bathroom or just to walk around the area. I saw a lot of people slip but recover, but I was talking to one person who landed on a shoulder quite badly after slipping down the steps. Try explaining to friends and family back home how you slipped and broke something at ‘a resort in Mexico’.

There are beds around the pool area. We booked one every day to give us comfort and shade. The $20 per day for the bed was well worth it. If you don’t want to pay the $20 there are beds beside the Jacuzzi stairs which are first come first serve but these are just a little further away from the pool.

Some people brought along some pool floats to lie on in the water. You could go to Mega and buy one quite cheaply if you wanted and then leave it behind if you don’t want to take it home with you.

At about 5pm each day, people start migrating up to the Jacuzzi. For some reason the water was extremely hot around this time, but when we went back for a second dip after the disco it was a lot cooler.

If you are new to the Desire format, be aware that in the Jacuzzi area you will definitely see lots of public sex acts. Some people may be put off by this but if this is the case and you feel that you may get offended there is no shame in leaving the area. There were often acts of oral sex (with and without whipped cream), intercourse, and group play in the Jacuzzi.

Tip: If you are wanting to play in the Jacuzzi, the water and chlorine can dry up the body’s natural lubrication. Someone gave us a try of this silicone-based lubricant which made a massive difference for play. If you are likely to want to play in the water then check it out below.

>>> Bodyglide Silicone Lubricant <<<

There are 6 beds around the Jacuzzi area where couples or groups head to so they can carry on their sexual acts. There is a small wall that will block some of the view of this happening whereas at Desire RM you can clearly see everything that is happening on those beds from the Jacuzzi.

Tip: In the Jacuzzi, the surface of the bench seats and the bar stools are quite rough – especially if you are sitting there for a while. So grab one of the large maroon coloured towels and bring that into the Jacuzzi to sit on. It makes a huge difference to the comfort levels!



We did observe that there is a lot more clothing worn here vs. RM but that may be due to the recent change from Temptations to Desire. Many people there had booked it as Temptations, only to arrive to find out that it was in fact a Desire format. Temptations was topless, whereas Desire is clothing optional for everyone.

The beach is a clothed beach. Even when playing volleyball on the sand within the resort. However, the above mentioned ‘booby rule’ is still allowed. Kind of. The beach is nice & long but you may die if you swim in it! When we were there we saw a warning board that had a coloured flag displayed depending on the water conditions. The black flag was out each day that meant the water conditions were ‘fatal’. Needless to say we avoided the water! But we had a nice long walk along the beach on a few of the days.

There is a different theme every night where most people dress up in lingerie, white costumes, Mexico colours, masquerade etc… If you want to know what the theme is for the night, then either ask at reception or there is a mannequin in the front gift shop window that will be dressed each day in the evening’s theme to give you some inspiration.

It is kind of funny how we see each other naked all day long, yet when it comes time to dress up in sexy wear for the evening, everyone looks more attractive!

The gym is smallish but it is big enough to do something. There are plenty of free weights for anyone to use, as well as a large cable cross over, plus a few cardio bikes. But after all, on a holiday you are really training just to keep your body moving and to burn off a few extra calories that may otherwise add up due to the fact that you are mainly lying around (well during the day at least!). You don’t train like you normally do at home. But a huge plus is the fact that the view from the gym is awesome! There are large windows facing out to the ocean.

It is a reasonably long walk around the resort. For example, some of the nightly entertainment is at the Melange Bar which is central to the resort. After the activities there the party moves to the disco which is about 100 metres back to the front of the resort. Then after the disco quietens down there is a very long walk to the other end of the resort to get into the Jacuzzi. This really can’t change so get used to walking a lot! With Desire RM, everything is in the one place; you have some nightly activities just outside the main foyer, then you go directly upstairs to the disco, then you walk 30 metres and up some stairs to a Jacuzzi.

Think of some of your favourite songs or songs that are reasonably popular, and go and request them with the DJ who is at the towel hut beside the pool. There was something for everyone. Each time we requested a song he was able to find it and play it for us. There was a band playing on the main stage on the weekends which was great.

The Internet is $15 per day or $75 per week. Or as we previously mentioned there is free wifi at Starbucks which is a 4-minute walk directly across the road. Depends on how much internet you need. We just checked emails every 2-3 days so we did not need to buy any plan at the resort.

Apparently the waiters like the US $2 note, so if you are going to tip them, take a handful of these notes. I know they are harder to come by these days, but it is a nice touch for them.

Tip: If you live in an area that does not have much sun at home, get to the solarium or tanning beds before your holiday for several sessions. This will help you to develop a base tan so you don’t get as burnt due to the harsh burning sun.

The front gift shop has some souvenirs such as shirts, hats, and other clothing items. You can also purchase some small snacks or sunscreen, but that will be cheaper at Mega across the road. There are also ‘sexual enhancement’ products such as penis enlarging pills and delay sprays to delay ejaculation. These products make me laugh!

Tip: Instead of buying a gimmick or some anaesthetic spray to lose feeling, if you want to delay ejaculation you are far better off looking at an extremely effective, proven program by clicking the link below…

>>> Last Longer In Bed <<<

When you leave the resort and get to the airport, make sure that your bag weighs less than 50 lbs. If you buy duty free items whilst you are there (eg. alcohol), remember that the extra weight may tip your bags over the allowed weight.

Tip: There is a charge if your bag is overweight depending on the airline. Take along a small bag in case your luggage is too heavy. Then just place some heavier items in this bag to reduce your checked luggage weight. Or take a small hand scale with you so you can check the weight when you have packed.


The People

Even though the resort was around 40% capacity, we still met some wonderful people. The people you meet are truly what will make your trip an awesome experience. That is why we say to get involved in some of the activities and step outside your comfort zone. We met some fabulous people and we are already making plans to see them again whether at Desire or not.

On a trip like this you will realise that lifestyle vacations are more fun than vanilla vacations because you get to meet and mingle with others so much easier. For some strange reason we find it is far easier to talk to a naked person than a clothed person. On our vanilla vacations we usually keep to ourselves but on a lifestyle vacation we try to meet as many others as possible. Not just for play, but to meet some genuine friends.

Sadly, Desire Los Cabos is closed, but we have left this review to reminisce about this incredible resort. You can book at the other Desire properties Riviera Maya and Pearl HERE


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