Desire RM Trip Report Aug 2013


This is our first trip back to RM in 2 years after becoming hooked on Los Cabos and vowing one day to return to RM. Well that day came and it was long overdue. After travelling for 24 hours, we arrived at Cancun International Airport and it felt like we were greeted by 100 of our best friends at the airport (read: time share sellers and taxi drivers). After a quick hello to Jimmy Buffet we were on our way to our interim hotel near the airport. We generally stay a night in Cancun before Desire just to recharge the batteries from the 14 hour flight to LA and the 5 hour to Cancun.

We took a cab to Desire and walked in and were immediately greeted with two Cosmos and a big ‘Welcome Back’. Miguel took care of us and we were checked in within 2 minutes. Nat then took over and gave us our maps etc. with a brief mention of Premier Membership but no push. We did hear from other guests who were there for the first time that they were offered a special ‘Welcome Breakfast’ and tour of the resort the morning after they checked in, but it was the Premier membership sales pitch. Just FYI.

Since we arrived at 11am, we knew our room wouldn’t be ready and we were prepared to hit the pool for some water volleyball. Not much had physically changed since our last visit, but the pool lounges were different. We set ourselves up by the pool and entered our happy naked zone for the next 12 days. Now, I hear you say, ’12 days is a long time’ and yes it was and it was AWESOME!!! The reason behind it was, we had booked an initial stay of 5 nights, then discovered some friends were arriving earlier so we added 2 nights prior. Then it dawned on us that each time we visit, we usually end up extending our stay and considering the hotel was near 100% capacity, we booked another 2 nights. Then we thought hell, we’re here for 9 nights already, lets just round up to 11 and the rest is history. Just a note on the occupancy, they were over sold and rather than bumping people, they were offering existing guests a master suite at Pearl for 2 nights. They didn’t offer it to us, but a few people jumped at the chance. What a deal.

At around 2pm we went to check on our room. It was ready but not one which we had requested. That was OK seeing we had booked a standard room and our requested rooms were in a higher category. They were very accommodating and notified us that our previously requested room would be available just a few days later and they kindly moved us there on day 4. The standard rooms were the smallest of the previous ‘garden view’ category. They generally have a Queen size bed and are further away from the pool. We actually enjoyed the location and the peace and quiet it offered. Our initial room 2102 was one block away from the Melange bar and perfect for a midnight snack or grabbing a coffee in the morning.

So without boring you with all the juicy (sordid) details (we don’t kiss and tell), here’s a round up of the main points.



Better than I remembered and better quality than Cabo. We had steak dinners, lobster dinners, the Hibachi (not Hitachi, that was after dinner) grill and Italian. We only had dinner once in the buffet. Breakfast finished at 11am and we managed to drag ourselves out of bed for it on most mornings. Lunch was very similar each day, so we would ask for different things to be cooked for us on the grill. Not many people realise that you can also order sandwiches, which is another alternative. The midnight pizza after the Jacuzzi was always a hit but depending on the time you went, it could take 30-45 minutes to make. BLT’s were also popular there.

In addition, we took a day trip to Pearl and had lunch there. The food was exceptional. Delicious and loads of variety.



Cesar has outdone himself here. We loved each and every theme night. Studio 54 was fun with a live band at Melange and a sexy strip competition. Schoolgirl night was awesome but the favourite would be the foam party. It is held up at the Jacuzzi and two foam machines erected on scaffolding drop foam onto the area where the beds usually lie. The beds are taken out for the night to make more space. I’m almost 5’10” (amazon woman) and the foam was up to my chest. The DJ pumped out all the good tunes for a ripper dance party and afterwards it was standing room only in the Jacuzzi. I went to the party in a bikini but was soon naked with just glow sticks.

We also went to Pearl to check out their foam party on Saturday afternoon and it was also great. Being during the day, it was more of a party vibe than a sexy vibe, very different, but each awesome. The foam at Pearl is dropped into the pool and it’s like being in a huge bubble bath, but with 50 of your closest friends and …..naked!



Big fan of the renovations to both. If anyone can recommend a brand of 5″ stripper heels that won’t render me a cripple I’d really appreciate it. I tore that dance floor a new one with my favourite Cuban (E) and my ghetto homegirl (H), awesome music and great atmosphere. Next time you’re there, if you hear Gangnam Style being played be sure to look up at the screen to see what video clip they’re playing, a few people you may know make a guest appearance.

The playroom got a serious workout and performed well. I know I commented previously in other posts about the content on the TV’s in there but this trip I was too busy to even look at them. Guess I wasn’t doing it right the last time!



The entertainment team were fantastic and it was great to see some familiar faces from our previous trips to RM and LC. Cesar, Vanessa, Black Magic, Foxy, Regina and Desiree did everything they could to make it as fun as possible with their high energy and great personalities. We like to participate in most of the activities as it’s a great way to meet people. Pool volleyball is always a blast and my So Cal team mates and us had that net covered. We still knew we won despite the cheating! I didn’t play a few of the rougher games as there were some idiots there treating it like a professional sport particularly in water polo. Some guy was elbowing and pushing me in the back for no reason when the ball wasn’t anywhere near me, so I just got out of the pool. Problem solved. Penis ring toss and corn hole were my favorite games… of the vanilla variety.



One thing a lot of us blondes noticed was that our hair was turning green very quickly. Great to know they’re pumping it with enough chemicals to kill off any DNA, but just a note to any fair-haired maidens, bring along your purple shampoo and conditioner. It fixed mine up quick smart. Another guest tried a clarifying shampoo to try and strip it but it didn’t work. Other than that, there were enough lounges for everyone and enough shade.

Silvia did an amazing job serving drinks by the pool but on the two weekends we were there, the resort was at 100% capacity and it took so long to get a drink. Silvia worked tirelessly, but they really needed at least 2 staff on like our previous visits.



Most of the trip the Internet worked all over the resort, the pools, rooms and beach. It was knocked out for a few days towards the end of our stay but came back up eventually. It just meant having to go to the lobby and lie on a swinging bed to send emails etc.



Always the favorite place to be and be seen. Still the same as last time we were there except for the addition of some couches between the bar and the restrooms. There were a few less beds up there but I heard they are off for repair. I may or may not have been responsible for that and can neither confirm nor deny that my rampant sex acts resulted in the breaking a bed!

With full occupancy came a full Jacuzzi and with added visitors from Pearl, it was a big bowl of ‘hot dog soup’. Good fun for the girls, but the guys had difficulty maneuvering through the ‘woods’ 😉



We made some amazing new friendships on this trip and at the end of the day, it’s the people that make the vacation for us. You all know how to contact us (hit the link in the signature and you’re there) so don’t be shy. To our old friends there, you really make the place feel like home. We love seeing you year to year and catching up.

We were blessed to meet a group of newbies and answer their questions and watch them as they evolved over the week.

If you got this far down the trip report, congratulations! All in all, the trip was fantastic and always is when we visit any Desire property.

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