Desire RM Pool Renovations

*** UPDATE ***

We have some exclusive pics of how the Desire Riviera Maya will look when renovations are completed! They are an “artist’s impression”, but they give an exciting insight as to how the resort will look very soon.

Desire Riviera Maya Pool Snap Shot

A birds eye view of the new Resort.

Desire Riviera Maya Pool Overview

A view of the new pool design from the beach side (but why are there clothes??)

Desire Riviera Maya Bar Area

This new swim up bar looks awesome!

Desire Riviera Maya Tentazione Restaurant

The Tantazione Restaurant.

Thanks to Desire Resorts for the images.

Desire RM Pool RenovationsWell, the pool renovations are well underway at Desire RM and all the staff at the resort are very excited to see the finished product. I have it on good authority that the beloved ‘Pizza Bed’ will be no more, but they are assuring us there will be more shade around the pool.

Also included will be a swim up bar, although I’m not sure how the final discussions went surrounding the idea to put all the Premier Beds on the side of the pool closest to the beach. We’ve attached a few photos for you to see what’s happening and will be sure to show you the finished product. No doubt Danny is enjoying a well earned vacation right now. The contractors are working 12 hour days, 7 days a week to get it all completed by 23rd September.

Noise is a bit of an issue especially if you’re a late riser, but that can be overcome by choosing a room further away. We don’t recommend the 10, 13 or 14 block during this time. The 10 block is also getting some extra construction noise from the new resort next door, but as I said, if you get up around 8am anyway, you won’t hear it.

Desire RM Pool Renovations 2If you’re after a last minute trip, they are offering a 35% discount for the month of September 2014 while the renovations are occurring and also giving you a free shuttle to Pearl to use the pool there. Alternatively, if you’re not visiting for the nudity, Temptations (topless only) is offering a 40% discount so now is the time to think about your next vacation while the ‘Price is Right’.

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Desire RM Pool Renovations 3Many of you will have noticed our tardiness in posting a trip report and for that we apologise. The memories are firmly etched in or brains so we will post one very shortly and tell you all about the changes (no Vanessa) and how they have impacted the resort. It’s not all bad, it’s still our favourite place on earth, but I guess when you become a regular, you feel like it’s your home and take some ownership of it.

Stay sexy everyone and happy Swinging!



Thanks to Alberto Martinez for the images.