Desire Trip Report – Sexy Young & Wild, 2014.

Once again another incredible vacation at Desire RM. We visit the same times each year, and have got to know so many people which always guarantees a great time and a lot to catch up on. It’s always the people that keep us returning and the friendships that we make that see us literally fly half way around the world twice a year (sometimes more). You will all know we are Desire advocates so anything we say will always come with the underlying theme that we love this place.

Desire Sexy Young Wild 2014

Thanks Desire for asking our permission to use our image!

I’m going to try and keep this up beat as no one likes a whinger (although A does hold a British passport so I could call him a whinging Pom), but we do like to keep everyone informed as to what’s going on. I’m very much a creature of habit. I like to go to the same place, get the same room, follow the same routine…you get the picture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m easygoing and carefree, but there are things at Desire that just shouldn’t be messed with. Some within their control, some not but this trip there were just minor annoyances.

We arrived at the beginning of “Sexy Young and Wild” week. It is a nice concept, but really was no different to our other visits, still a kick arse time. We were there during the first week of August and there were no special guests – besides us 😉 Dr Jess and Michael and Holli from Swing were there later in the month, and were well received. If you don’t know who they are, check out the video below:



The theme nights were fine, essentially the same as our previous trips. Memo tried to mix it up a bit which was great and he thought outside the square for bringing in some activities like a giant inflatable ball which was fun to watch but look kind of scared. I wasn’t game to try.

The Playboy Party on the first night was interesting. It was similar to what was done on our previous visit where the DJ set up at the pool for the afternoon and they bought out jello shots and had a water bomb/balloon flight. But this time it was done at night so everyone had eaten, dressed up in sexy bunny outfits, done their hair, makeup, jewellery etc. Then, after the entertainers/dancers were finished, they told everyone to get in the pool for a pool party. Only about 6 people did because we’d all just spent an hour getting ready, washing the chlorine and salt out of our hair – not to mention applying birthday “Vajazzle” – see pic right ————————–> Desire Vajazzle

I’m not high maintenance by any means, I’m in the pool all day playing the games, getting my hair messed up and sweaty, so at night I like to throw away that tom boy side of me and glam up. I do wonder sometimes if they ask guests prior to trying out a theme night because this missed the mark. The afternoon/evening time slot works better than the 10pm one.

It was great to meet the new entertainers, Kayla in particular who was in her 2nd week on the job. This girl is so much fun and such a sweet heart. It was a real shame there was no cross over with her and Vanessa because she would’ve been a great ring leader just like Vanessa. But I guess with no female guidance, she’s just finding her feet. I remembered from last time that the resort had a ‘name necklace beading’ kit, so I asked her to make a few for people we knew that were arriving. Well, we definitely started something!! The poor girl was stuck making them for everyone for the week. It was great though, certainly so much easier to remember people’s names.

As far as the other entertainers go, we witnessed some stuff that we wished we didn’t, breaking some of the cardinal rules for staff but that’s not for us to concern ourselves. We just wish we saw the same respect and professionalism we saw from the previous team, or at least done with more discretion.

We have for a fair few visits now, had the same room. We get this because our friends get the adjoining one and we share the balcony, room hop and throw killer balcony parties. When we arrived, we were informed that room was being renovated. Fair enough, I thought, but when we saw people’s bags being taken up there the following day, we got a bit annoyed. The ocean view room we were given, was under the Jacuzzi so a fair bit of noise, as well as being within a stones throw of the new resort construction next door. The ‘10’ block is in a great location but just be warned there may be extra construction noise for a while. We’re not complainers, so we sucked it up and got on with the task of having a ball!

We had friends who were there a week earlier who broke the news that the Pizza Bed would not be with us for much longer, so we took it in turn each morning of reserving our beloved spot. Thankfully E reserved it for us on our arrival day, our world was a better place. (Click HERE to see the pool renovations). With the pool renovations almost complete, I still see the Pizza Bed so there is hope.

The food was the same as we remembered and we are always quite happy with it. The new restaurant Sahlo was lovely. Midnight pizzas/BLT’s were always appreciated after a good session in the Disco/Playroom/Jacuzzi and certainly hit the spot. Drinks are great, Silvia is still so bright and bubbly, coffee is good.

Most of you would know from our previous posts that we are very discreet, to the point where some friends we’d known for many years actually questioned whether we were in fact swingers. We don’t think it’s necessary to brag about our conquests and are fairly certain that those whom we choose to share intimate time with value that aspect of our relationships with them. In saying that, some people don’t seem to share that view and are quite happy sharing details far too loosely with anyone who will listen. Tacky in our books, and certainly puts up ‘red flags’ for us to give them a wide berth should they come sniffing.

In saying that, we were so blessed to spend time with our beautiful friends again with whom we connect on so many levels. You know who you are. We also reconnected with each other which after such a busy and challenging year, we found ourselves once again falling deeper in love with each other, all over again. That is the beauty of this place and its magical healing powers. Desire Resort

I was honored to meet some people who had read our website and thanked us for information which helped his wife get more comfortable with the lifestyle, which was very humbling. We often find ourselves writing blog posts to faceless masses and to meet someone who got something out of it, makes all the time we put into it worthwhile. Others whom we met and talked to at length, you all made an impression, whether you realise it or not. Just because we did not ‘hook up’, we thoroughly enjoyed chatting, flirting and just being around you guys.

I must apologise to anyone who I wiped out on the dancefloor during any Pitbull songs, I’m a possessed maniac when Mauro plays my jam!

We’ve already booked and paid for our next trip, thankfully, due to the weakening of the Australian dollar and are looking forward to our extended trip to Pearl early next year.

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And if anyone would like to post their trip report or impression of the new Desire layout, please let us know. We would love to hear your thoughts.