Freedom of the Seas 2013 Lifestyle Cruise Theme Nights.

Lifestyle Cruise

November 2013 is ‘only’ 6 months away! Our Freedom of the Seas lifestyle cruise is fast approaching. That gives us only 6 months to start thinking about what you are going to wear and then start shopping for the theme nights!

The Freedom of the Seas is the largest lifestyle charter in history! With almost 4,000 people on one of the world’s largest ships, this will be a week of high energy partying at sea that you will never forget. Please read our review of the last lifestyle cruise on Freedom of the Seas in 2012 HERE.

For the November 2013 cruise, I have found out what the theme nights for the cruise will be, and have listed them all below.

DAY 1 – Dinner wear: TROPICAL RESORT. Theme: 70?S NIGHT – Get Saturday Night Fever on the first night and you’ll never need to call a doctor in the morning! Join us for Dancing’ in the Streets of the Promenade with your wildest garb from the ’70s!

DAY 2 – Dinner wear: Start the night with JAMES BOND FORMAL NIGHT – Didn’t every lady dream of being a Bond Girl? Didn’t every guy want to move from shootout to martini to jacuzzi party? That’s what we thought! Theme: After dinner, we move smoothly into SEXY LINGERIE PARTY. Wear your best to attract the best.

DAY 3 – Dinner wear: DRESS TO IMPRESS. Theme: SAVE A HORSE — RIDE A COWBOY – As if we were fresh from a saloon bath after a long day on the range, it’s time to strut and sway around the ship. Daisy dukes? Yes, please!

DAY 4 – Dinner wear: DRESS TO IMPRESS. Theme: IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? Alright, naughty nurses and dirty doctors, bring your stethoscope, my heart is beating fast! And yes, we make house calls.

DAY 5 – Dinner wear: RETRO GANGSTA FORMAL. Theme: GANGSTA AND MOLL – Think mobsters, classic dames, fedoras, maybe even some bathtub gin!

DAY 6 – Dinner wear: CASUAL. Theme: FETISH AND VAMPIRE – Do whips and chains excite you? Got a True Blood crush? Tonight’s the night for all the leather, latex, toys, and bitemarks you can handle.

DAY 7 – Dinner wear: LAST IMPRESSION. Theme: SEXY SARONG NIGHT – It’s the last night, so wear the least! Island-style duds like sarongs, sandals, and a suntan will be perfect for the final night on board.


The Itinerary is 8 Days and 7 Nights Leaving from the Port of Cape Canaveral, stopping in Labadee (Haiti), Falmouth (Jamaica), and Cozumel before heading back to Port of Cape Canaveral.

If you think that 7 nights of playing & partying will wear you out – then see this – CLICK HERE!

So book your trip as soon as you can and take any room that is available – you will not regret it! It will be the best vacation of your life!

One final trip if you do go on the cruise: make sure you buy the DVD of the cruise. We wish we had a copy of the last one, but we will be first in line to get a copy of this! See you there!



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