How Many Is Too Many?

So Playboy TV Swing season 4 has just finished, and it turned out to be 10 great episodes. There was mixed viewer feedback about it because not everyone full swapped in every episode, but then again it shows that there are different elements of the lifestyle and swinging does not necessarily mean just ‘full swap’.

The great thing about these episodes is that they appeal to both those in the lifestyle and those wanting to learn all about it. That’s what makes a successful season and we cannot wait for season 5 where we hope we’ll see an Aussie couple in the Swing House.

There was an episode that demonstrated a situation that sometimes occurs in the lifestyle – episode 7 which had the new couple entering the “Red Room” and suffering sensory overload, almost becoming overwhelmed with all the sex and noise happening around them. They were really looking forward to playing, but when it came to the crunch it was not what they had expected. They felt out of their depth in the setting, got cold feet and left the situation.

See what happened in that episode below…

It does happen from time to time, that everyone’s ready to go but it can sometimes become uncomfortable, particularly in a large group environment. If it’s a group of people that you’re not overly familiar with, for example a club playroom, you almost feel you need to keep one eye open just in case someone tried to ‘crash the party’ uninvited if you get my drift.

We’ve certainly experienced a couple of situations like that when a stray hand, mouth or cock enters the group and it’s not great. We understand people are into different things, and a random group bang is one that is not very high on our list.

We prefer full swapping with one other couple at a time, although a 6-some with an awesome dynamic can work just as well. We are comfortable playing in the Desire playrooms or Swingers Cruise playrooms with several couples, and will happily play, but if there is an option for just a straight couple swap in our room or theirs, then that’s preferred.

So what about everyone out there – what do you prefer? The bigger type of group play with 3 or more couples in one big area, or the more intimate personal setting with just 1 other couple / unicorn? Morning, afternoon, evening? You know what we prefer 😉

Please leave your comments and thoughts below…