International Swingers Month!

By now you would’ve heard whispers about International Swingers Month. We believe every month should be Swingers Month, but sadly it must be limited to one. So what’s it all about you ask?

International Swingers Month

For the entire month of January 2014, Desire Resorts (RM and Pearl near Cancun) will be hosting this special event, 29 days of ‘sensual fun, fantasies and passion where no boundaries exist’. It’s all inclusive (which is why we love Desire) and will offer a range of unique workshops for couples hosted by experts, celebrities and sexologists such as Jessica O’Reily – Sexuality counsellor (from Playboy TV Swing), Bianca & Martin – Latex model and adult photographer, Lisa O – Yoga and massage therapist, Milah- Tantric expert, Miss Lola – Playboy host and Sayaka Adachi – Sexuality educator.


The theme nights are different from the current ones at Pearl and RM and have been specifically chosen for maximum sexiness and minimal skin coverage! They include Lingerie and Champagne parties, Foam party, Eyes Wide Shut event, Tropical night and Sinners night. Not only are there theme nights, but even more daring and exciting events have been specially designed so that each second of your stay at Desire Resorts during International Swingers Month awakens your senses in ways you never imagined possible.


During this month, the normal rules of Desire Resorts will be amended to include topless dining in the restaurants and OPEN SEXUAL ACTIVITY anywhere in the resort (excluding the restaurants and beach). Don’t forget the chocolate sauce, alcohol infused whipped cream and cherries to make human chocolate sundaes for desert!


Of course, all the things you love about Desire are still on offer, delicious cocktails, premium drinks, dazzling shows, sensual music, gourmet food in three different restaurants, impeccable service and poolside fun. Desire is all-inclusive meaning you won’t have to put your hand in your pocket at all during your stay.


This event is strictly limited to 1,000 couples only. Places will fill quickly as will your choice of resort. So whether you are a Pearl or an RM fan or even if you’re just thinking about it, book now, pay your deposit, then you can change dates if your plans change. We have always found Desire very flexible in changing dates and even on occasion resorts. Click here to book direct with Desire for International Swingers Month.


Weather Averages for Cancun in January

Swingers Month

So now you know the weather in January! Get yourself there in 2014!



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