Last Minute Tips For The Lifestyle Cruise!

As we sit here on a balcony of a cruise ship lamenting that we had to cancel our trip on the Swingers Cruise, (that annoying thing called “work” got in the way of us flying over) we still wanted to share with you some pearls of wisdom for your upcoming Lifestyle Takeover on the Freedom of the Seas.

Our good friends Matt and Bianca at Everybody have done a series of podcasts covering a variety of topics, but we want to share with you podcast 3 ‘Swinging on a Cruise’. It’s very informative for old and new cruisers alike and has many great tips specifically to help you get the most of your Lifestyle Cruise. And yes, Bianca is as sexy in person as she sounds! (actually, sexier!)

Swingers Podcast

Yeah yeah, but “cruising is cruising” I hear you say, but there’s a whole other range of logistics to plan for on the cruise and the fact that there are just under 4,000 people on it, you really need to make the most of opportunities as they present themselves. Fact of the matter is you will be hard pressed to find people again in such a large crowd.

One big piece of advice, go to as many meet and greets as you can. It’s the best way to meet people in a non-threatening environment. Each ‘Lifestyle’ Travel Agent will generally have a meet and greet, as well as other groups, (Kasidie, SLS, SDC) and other informal group through forums and yahoo groups will also host them, so join up and go along to meet like-minded people. Matt & Bianca also host a meet & greet, so contact them at their website for actual time & location. courtesy of

If you haven’t already arranged business cards, now is the time to do it. There are many online deals that give you 250 cards for only a few dollars and they are a great investment. Last year we put a photo on ours, along with our Kasidie and SLS profile name, our cabin number and an email address. Then when you talk to people you like, give them a card! As I said, the ship is HUGE! You may not cross paths with them again so exchange cards and arrange a catch up.

If you’re anything like me, I am terrible at remembering names. I’ve tried Mega Memory but I just don’t remember them. So, do me a favour (for next year), get a necklace with your name on it! I’ve seen beads and actual metal names around necks and they have a few good uses. The obvious one is remembering the name, and number two is so you can look at someone’s chest without being obvious. They also look cute I think, so there’s another tip for you.

Anyway, please check out all the podcasts from Matt & Bianca, but specifically podcast 3, and here is a link to drop by their site –



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