Lessons In The Lifestyle – Rookie Errors

When I first saw Episode 4 of Playboy TV Swing season 5, I must admit, I cringed! It may not have been anywhere near the sexiest episode in the 5 seasons of Swing, but in my opinion it taught one of the most valuable lessons that anyone in or contemplating the lifestyle could ever learn… Ask Permission!!

Now the new couple Jess & Jon do not look like your mainstream everyday swinging couple. But then again everyone’s normal is different, so far be it for us to judge the period costumes from the “Steampunk” genre.

Swing Season 5 Ep 4

The issue came from Jon thinking (or perhaps knowing no better) that it was ok to put his fingers and/or tongue into any hole that was visible in the red room.

We have been on cruises and to parties where there is a specific location or room where that is acceptable behavior and upon entry, you essentially consent to anything goes. We have not partaken in it, but know people who do and that’s cool. Those of you who have met us and read our blog, know that we like our connections with people and rarely ‘hit and quit’ random couples or participate in mass orgies.

Watching this episode bought back memories from one house party we attended. We were playing with each other whilst getting chummy with another couple next to us, when all of a sudden, I have fingers in my pussy. No big deal, but when I did an audit of everyone’s hands, I could not for the life of me, figure out who’s they were from our foursome. Yes, that’s right, it was a creeper….. of the female variety and they were long, fake, sharp fingernails, so needless to say, not particularly pleasurable.

So I gasped in horror, watching episode 4 of Playboy Swing Season 5 when Jon was just octopussying all the women. You really need to see the incident, to see the extent of his actions. If a girl was going down on someone, he would just go and stick his fingers in her pussy, without any consent.

Watch 2 minutes of the scene below

Whilst none of this behavior could have been anticipated, none of the couples on the episode at the time, appeared to say anything. They may very well have, and through the editing process, it was omitted, but I know what I would say and do if I was on the receiving end of unsolicited groping and it wouldn’t be pretty. Dr. Jess addressed it with him in the episode wrap and he seemed to get the point. I just wish Holli & Michael still had “Swing After Dark” to further explore it. It was a really valid and important lesson for everyone.

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So please, ask permission verbally. Do not make the mistake of thinking a nod or a look means ‘Green Light’ for anything. In the heat of the moment, you may be mistaken. Sex is the easy part, talking about sex and asking permission is sometimes a little harder, but trust me, it will save a lot of heat ache, anguish, embarrassment (and maybe a black eye) down the track.

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