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So you are interested in trying out the Lifestyle and wondering where to get the best information. Besides our website (of course!) there are some really helpful resources available for you to embark on the wonderful journey that is the Lifestyle.

We wanted to share with you a few books on the topic for new and experienced alike. Now, if you are time poor and want a good summary, you can download our FREE 40 page guide by clicking the image below…

Swing Book

For more comprehensive books, read on.

It is important to remember that each person is different, each relationship is different and each situation is different, so whilst I’d love to point you in the direction of a ‘Swingers Bible’, there really is no such thing. Your journey is an individual one, but by arming yourself with as much knowledge as you can and preparing yourself fully, you will know what to expect and hopefully there will be no surprises.

These are the two main books we recommend as a place to start, as we believe they are the most up to date and relevant and are quite comprehensive in their content. These are available on Amazon as a hard copy and on Kindle.

The Swingers Manual‘ by ‘Just Ask Julie’, owner of The Swingers Board forum which is one of the most valuable and largest Lifestyle forums. Her information is compiled from many years in the Lifestyle and also the information and experiences from her contributing members on the Swingers Board. We wish we had found this amazing resource when we first started our journey into the Lifestyle. Nonetheless, we have found it now and even learned a thing or two. What I like about it is that it is no nonsense, straight-forward and factual, with a little humor; all the things you need when considering taking this rather monumental change to your relationship.

69 Shades of Swinging‘ is very new, released this year. It is the sequel to an earlier book by the same authors Larry and Mia Fine and included a lot of answers to questions curious minds had on the Lifestyle. Written mostly from their “mind’s eye”, which can certainly differ from person to person, it is an entertaining read. While we don’t agree with some of their analysis particularly of certain resorts, we still respect and value the content of the book and think you will get a lot out of it.


One final book that may be worth a read is “Swingland” by Daniel Stern, where he basically recounts his stories and experiences as a single male in the lifestyle, so single guys, check this out. It has just been released as this post is written, and you can see a summary of it here:


Be wary of reading fiction books on the Lifestyle when starting out because you may be disappointed or disillusioned when your initial experiences don’t follow the same romanticised perceptions that some of these books portray. I’m not saying that your experience will be bad, but I believe in not forcing situations and letting friendships and relationships develop organically. This is just our approach to the Lifestyle. We value friendships and find ourselves more attracted to people based on personality and a good group dynamic. We believe in quality over quantity. But we have said in other posts, that there is a place for everyone in the Lifestyle and so many different preferences.

There is no right or wrong per se, but there is a right and a wrong for YOU! Find your niche, where you are both comfortable and after a while, if there’s more you want to explore then you can branch out. Don’t be afraid to miss out on something, there’s no rush and opportunities will always come your way. It’s much better to regret not doing something than to regret doing something.

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