Lifestyle Cruise on Freedom of the Seas

Review of the World’s Largest Lifestyle Cruise, Nov 2012.

We have just returned from what we can only describe as being the most amazing vacation we have EVER experienced in our lives! How could it not be when you have over 3600 sexy guests on a boat for the world’s largest ever lifestyle cruise? Well there were actually 3621 guests to be exact. So where do I begin this report? Lifestyle Vacation

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You will not regret booking a vacation like this! Then after you have at least had a look at the possibilities for cabins and dates for 2016 and beyond, come back here and read the rest of this review.

For us, the actual lifestyle vacation / event started 2 nights before the cruise. We stayed at the Marriott Airport Hotel with about 800 other fellow cruisers. We would highly recommend this for future cruisers as this was a brilliant way to get to know people much better before the cruise and to put faces to those we had been emailing for many months via forums & websites. And to add 2 extra available nights for play with new friends because 7 nights is not enough with 3600 people – you do the math! As one new friend put it – you only need to be compatible with 0.5% of these people. That adds up to 9 couples, which is enough for 1 couple per night (provided you do the 2 night airport stay!)

There was a large gathering having drinks at one of the hotel bars on the night we arrived. We got to the hotel quite late but thought we would go down to quickly say hello to a few new friends. At 1:45am we were among the last to leave the bar, but by this stage we had already met some great people. The second night was a much bigger formal meet & greet event with the aforementioned 800 people in attendance. An extremely valuable opportunity to spend more time getting to know some more great new friends, so we highly recommend the pre-cruise hotel stay.

We spent the daytime down by the hotel pool, but due to the fact that it was not a complete hotel takeover, we had to remain clothed. It was very hard for us to keep our clothes on having just spent the previous 4 nights at Desire Los Cabos.

From here I will provide a breakdown of what the whole cruise had to offer.

We had an interior cabin on Deck 6 (above the pizza shop!) with a window overlooking the main Deck 5 Promenade, so we had a prime spot to view the happenings and parades that were occurring each night. Yep – there’s the Australian flag with our room number below!

The bed in our cabin was a king size and it provided more than enough room for 4 people (6 at a squeeze)! Now some of you may also be thinking – “What an awesome way to put on a show for those lucky people opposite our cabin and anyone else who is looking up at our window at the right time!” Well yes we too thought exactly that until we read the note conveniently placed on the couch below the window that stated that there was to be no visible nudity or sexual activity that could be seen by others. I think that was to mainly not offend the cruise staff. I must admit though, we did flash more than a few people that week!

There were several different playrooms rooms created for everyone to do exactly what we all came here to do – have sex with new & old friends! The biggest room was the “Pharaoh’s Lounge” on Deck 5 which was a large room set up with more beds than I could count. There was a small 4 seater couch in front of each of the beds – I guess it was like some sort of football interchange / substitute bench or rest area where you could watch the activity on the bed in front of you, while you waited to be ‘tagged in’ or waited for room to become available. There was a dress code for this room, which caught a few people out despite it being clearly explained. Basically you had to dress down into underwear or sexy wear and / or wear a robe. No street clothes at all so it made it a bit awkward if you were out having drinks during the night and then decided to go to the play room. You had to either undress around the corner and carry clothes in, or run to your room to dress down and then return.

This room (as well as all of the playrooms) were open for a tour for an hour before official opening on the first night. A group of us got into the act of trying out some of the beds at the back of the room during the tour, as we were ready for play now! Staff politely advised us that the room wasn’t open for action for another 30 minutes and to come back later as we were holding up the flow of people through the room! Not that they seemed to mind watching the show. Sorry folks – we just could not wait any longer!

Down on deck 2 were several play rooms – One of which was the “Dungeon”. This room looked like my tool shed at home with all the benches, leather, metal, chains etc… This room may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it was still interesting for a look and a play with some of the tools of trade. It showed that there was something on the ship for everyone! There were several workshops & educational presentations for both couples and ladies for those who wanted to know more about using such ‘tools’ (or to start learning about it!).

Across the hall from the Dungeon was the appropriately named “Dark Room” which was actually a very, very dark room! I think there were 12 beds pushed together in a 6 x 2 configuration so it made one big ‘pole vaulter’s crash mat’, and it was so dark that you couldn’t really see who or what you were playing with – which I guess can be a good thing at times! We only had a look in there during the open tour but never made back in there.

Next door to the Dark Room was the “Hall Pass” room. 6 beds with sheer curtain screens around them to give some privacy and intimacy, and gently lit to create the right atmosphere. Great concept for those couples who have ‘hall passes’ where they can separate and ‘head down the hall’ to play when they want, with whoever they want.

Back to Pharaoh’s Lounge again for a moment – during the cruise some friends told us that they often had to wait for a while for a free bed or for some room on a bed to become available to play on, so it was lucky for us that we used our cabins for our playtime. No waiting! Play when you want! One other advantage of using your cabin is privacy. But then again it depends on what your preference is. Some people like to put on a show; others like to watch the show. Let me explain…

Late on the first night there was a small group of us playing on the beds in the “Hall Pass” room on deck 2. These beds had sheer curtains for some privacy, but people kept hearing passionate sexual noises and wanted to open the curtains for a closer look. At one stage the lady I was playing with was screaming and moaning so loudly that we did not notice that there was suddenly a big crowd of people standing next to our bed watching us! My head was buried between her legs the whole time and I had not looked up too far at any stage, so I was surprised to see we had created quite a gathering when I did finally look up. But the best part was that they all gave us a loud round of applause for our efforts! We all had to laugh!

There was full nudity allowed outside on the pool deck (11) and the upper deck (12). You were also allowed to walk to your cabin via the hallway & staircase fully nude, but not allowed to use the elevator. Some of the bars were topless, and if anyone was singing Karaoke then it was acceptable to generate more interest by lifting or lowering a top!

The waiters on the pool deck would have thoroughly enjoyed their jobs this week with so much hot flesh on display! They got the best full ship take over one could possibly imagine!

There was so much happening all the time that it was impossible to do everything / everyone, and see everything. But we tried!

They always have a men’s belly flop contest on cruise ships, but this one was done naked. Let’s just say my eyes are still watering at all of the resulting battered savs from this event! One I am glad I did not enter! The winner won the final dive with a huge back whacker! Ouch!

“The Squirtanators” was a fabulous stage show that showed an amazing live demonstration of a female ejaculation. I know some people are a bit sceptical about this phenomenon, but there was living visual proof for all to see up on stage. As a side note, my girlfriend squirts big time! One night we played with some friends in their cabin, and let’s just say our new friends slept in a waterbed later that night! Sorry about that folks, but at least you took it as a compliment! If you want to know more about orgasm addiction click here.

As we left the ship on Sunday morning we were thinking that later in the night, the next group of cruise guests will be sitting in the Pharaoh’s Lounge enjoying the shows of live music and dancing, completely oblivious to the kind of show that was going on only 24 hours ago! I almost felt sorry for them!

Naked speed dating was another wonderful way to meet new people. In this style of speed dating, guys when you meet a new lady she doesn’t shake your hand for an introduction! But she will still shake something! You have 90 seconds to have a chat to your new friend before moving along the line for another ‘introduction’. So we had a good laugh there and got to know many new people.

The seas were occasionally a bit bumpy – perhaps a combination of the existing waves and the ship being rocked by the activities taking place on the lower decks!

Each day our awesome room steward created some fancy towel animals and placed them on our bed. We taught him how to make some towel creations more applicable to this type of cruise – this was the result…

Do a basic search on You Tube if you want to know how to make this “addition” to your next towel animal creation.

In the casino at the dice table we finally got the dealers to loosen up a little bit. As a former dice dealer I know when it’s appropriate to let rip with some risqué stick calls & this was definitely the time and place. So I was calling the game with the “12 Crap Johnny Holmes”, “who wants a hard 8?”, plus the ever popular “Juicy Lucy swallows the cum” and the newly created call for this cruise “9, 9, this wife is not mine”. I guess only the regular dice players will understand these calls. And if you don’t understand then you need to come & play Craps Down Under to learn how a dice game should be called!

The girls even got in on the action, placing bets for the male dealers, saying, ‘put a dollar on the hard 10 for Patrick, he looks like he’s got one!’ We even encouraged the stick man to short stick the girls (putting the dice a fair distance out in front of a female shooter so they have to reach as far as possible to pick them up), which would result in the rest of the players moving to the other end of the table for a look and a laugh! But the sad part about all of this is that I also got f*cked really hard at the Craps table! My wallet is now considerably lighter. That was one pounding that I did not want to receive!

There was a theme for each night of the cruise, which had us dressing up in different attire. Some of the examples of the themes were pirate night, white night, pyjama night, rock start night to name but a few. We did not dress up for every night so don’t feel that you absolutely must dress according to theme all the time. It does make it lots of fun if you do but as we had been travelling for weeks prior to this trip, we kind of ran out of room in our cases to pack for every theme night.

Every day there was a meet & greet of some description available to meet up with some like-minded people. Some of the meet & greets were for couples with hall passes, soft swap couples, bi couples, kinky / fetish couples, Latin couples, French speaking couples, and couples under 40. There were also meet & greets arranged for those who were on travel forums and lifestyle websites, so there were plenty of opportunities on the ship to meet more specific groups of people for you to get to know.

Some valuable tips for your cruise: Make sure you get some business cards printed up that have some of your essential details written on the front. The ship is massive and there are 1800 couples on board, and some of those you may want to see again. So on our card we printed our cabin number and our screen names from the various lifestyle sites and forums. Some people also put a photograph or an email address on the cards. So the card is completely up to you as to what to write. When we had them made up I must admit that I did think that the idea was bit silly. But it proved to be such a valuable tool to stay in touch with those we wanted to keep contact with, plus the fact that most of the other couples on the ship also did it, so I highly recommend it.

If you want to use a playroom, try to get there early or just be prepared to use your own bed instead. The queue (or should I say ‘line’) to get in and get a fresh bed can be long at times so plan your night carefully if you can!

I am a personal trainer and have been for many years. When you are on vacation there is no need to punish yourself in the gym on the ship! The time to get bigger, get stronger, lose weight etc… is 3-6 months before the cruise – not on it! Save all of that energy for where and when it really counts, or just use the stairs on the ship instead of the elevator to get your daily cardio!

The ships have 2 specialty restaurants. Bookings for these specialty restaurants fill up extremely quickly, so call up and book early on day 1 for a later day on the cruise, and make a booking for 4. Then when you meet some new friends you can take them out to a special dinner! Or you can just use the main dining rooms for fine dining with new friends, but be aware that you may be waiting for a long time for dinner as there is no set seating time on this cruise, which normally applies on other cruises. We had dinner in the main dining room with an awesome couple, and we were able to walk straight in to a table as we went at 6pm when it opened. I heard that some people were waiting for up to 1.5 hours for dinner in these dining rooms. So getting there early is the biggest tip, or just head for the quick buffet style of dinner at the Windjammer Café, where the food is still quite good and the service is exceptional.

Go to as many meet & greets as you can to say hello to some new friends. Unless you have a full dance card, it is wonderful to meet people who you may end up spending the rest of the evening with.

On a personal note – we had the time of our lives on this cruise, and this was entirely due to the interaction and fun times with our many new friends we have made. You will all know exactly who you are. We are slowly making friends in every state of the USA with each trip there (well, we do come to visit 2-3 times each year), so now we have more friends to visit and somewhere to stay whenever we are passing through!

We have just booked the Couples Cruise in October 2017 and are on deck 10 aft with our sexy, fun and friendly crew and you are more than welcome to join us. So, please stop by and come and say “G’day!” Look out for the Australian Flag and banners.

If you were on the ship or have done a Lifestyle Cruise before, please tell us what you thought of the cruise in the comments section below!

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