Magic Banana For Better Sex!

If you haven’t heard of the Magic Banana, you’re about to. It’s about to revolutionize the way we do Kegel’s forever. Before the guys switch off from this post, it is the perfect Christmas gift for your lady so read on to see just how this little gadget will improve your sex life and your lady’s arousal levels! (and it even comes with Oprah’s recommendation!)

Oprah Banana

Now, I mean absolutely no offence to anyone in what I’m about to write. After having an in-depth discussion with my man about the various vaginas he has experienced in the lifestyle, I formed the opinion that Kegel exercises are essential if you have had children via vaginal birth. There, I said it. And before you all start crucifying me, I’m here to help and with all good intentions!

Here’s why the Magic Banana is a win/win situation all round. It’s a Kegel exerciser and a sex toy all in one! It’s designed as an exercise tool for strengthening your inner vaginal muscles and pelvic floor but can also help stimulate your G-spot and other areas to induce an orgasm. Strong pubococcygeus muscles can give a tighter grip during sex and are better able to contract, leading to increased blood flow and more intense orgasms, says sex and relationships expert Laura Berman, PhD. She adds that women who regularly practice Kegel exercises say they become aroused more quickly and easily.

My man also confirmed this, with one lady in particular with a ‘vice-like’ grip that would squeeze and release his cock and it drove him wild (I made sure to ask her how she did it afterwards and she told me about the Magic Banana, which is why I’m writing this post).

See the Magic Banana review video below!

The flexible loop design of the Magic Banana provides resistance during Kegels, making them feel both invigorating and intensely pleasurable. To make Magic Banana Kegels more challenging, insert the loop, then pull it forward so you’re working against the widest part of the device.

Squeeze as usual for three to five minutes—unless you find you just can’t stop. You can also use it as a G-spot stimulator and some people have reportedly thrown away vibrators. I’m not ready to Ebay my entire collection of toys just yet, but I think I can do a serious cull now.

If you’re anything like me, I’m not really sure I know what I’m doing with Kegels. Am I squeezing the right way? Is it working? And that’s if I remember to do them! But with a Magic Banana, you have the pressure of the device to squeeze against so you know you’re doing it right.

I also like the idea of a physical object to practice them with so I can leave it somewhere to remind me to do them each day. I travel a lot and it can also save the embarrassment of those dreaded toys turning on and being summonsed by security to the ‘buzzing’ bag! (it has happened, and it’s incredibly embarrassing!) Use it for your Kegels, then get down to the fun stuff and add a little clitoral stimulation as a reward for doing your exercises for the day!

It’s best if you use Astro Glide as a lubricant with the Magic Banana.

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