Newbies Double Full Swap

Only a couple more episodes left of Playboy Swing Season 5 and I think they’ve saved the best until last. The newbies in episode 7, Matt and Mandy, jumped right in with not one, but two full swaps in quick succession, plus their own action afterwards. Having seen every episode since its inception, I can’t think of a newbie couple that jumped in with more ‘finesse’. We even saw a new ‘cheeky’ side to Dr Jess, which was lacking previously.

We’ve shown you some of her naughty side in this episode. She always came across as personable and a little Hottie, but we never really saw the ‘fun’ Dr Jess or her personality. In Swing Open House it was revealed that every one of the residents have tried to hit on her at some stage and seeing the interactions this episode, it’s easy to see why.

We watched fondly as the residents went to see Zumanity, a Cirque Du Soleil production which we also saw in Vegas in 2009. Al was the lucky guy dragged up on stage to be pleasured by the cast on our visit. Maybe they liked his accent. So he knows exactly how Matt was feeling up there.

The limo ride home really heated up and it was clear that the newbies were in for a hot night. It was straight to the red room, where the residents could not be more accommodating. A full swap quickly developed, then not long after, it was onto couple number two for the newbies, then back to each other for more. They had a healthy sexual appetite as well as great communication, trust and respect and by all accounts, the lifestyle was a place they belonged. This episode also had a great dynamic amongst the residents too, with Jason and Chloe (and her boobs!!) back again.

Now, in writing this post, we have been in disagreement about one portion of the episode that was aired. When Dr Jess was debriefing Matt, he commented that the wife enjoyed sex with Jason (#2 shag) over John (#1 shag). I feel it wasn’t necessary for this to be shown. We’re very discreet and will not publicly discuss my sexual adventures, unless there was a very bad experience (for example, someone trying to slip the condom off without me knowing) or for Al (who was the victim of an unwanted ‘reach around’ by the husband in a MFM threesome).

The context would be more of a warning to friends, rather than a rating of each persons sexual performance. We wouldn’t sit at a resort, saying, yeah, we had sex with them and with them and they were better than them. Bad choice of editing I think and as a fly on the wall of a counseling session I felt a bit bad for the gentlemen being discussed. Al on the other hand, thinks that it was OK for Playboy Swing to air this discussion between Matt and Dr Jess as he believes it was only his opinion on how Mandy enjoyed the evenings festivities.

Surely though, the couple debriefed each other afterwards, so Matt would be speaking from first hand information. I’m sure John is not lacking in confidence (did you see the size of his shaft??) so the comparison wouldn’t put too much of a dent in his ego.

It is a fact though, each person has their own sexual style and preferences, sometimes you click and sometimes you don’t. The fact that it was Mandy’s first full swap may have impacted her ability to relax and enjoy the ride. The nerves may have subsided once she had it under her belt so she was able to relax with Jason, hence the increased pleasure of that experience. You need to see the whole episode to get a feel for the conversation, but there’s a snippet of the conversation in the video above.

So, my question for you is, do you discuss your sexual swinging experiences with your friends or do you keep them between you and your husband/wife?