Nikki & Daniel Save the Day!

Hallelujah! Here is the episode we’ve been waiting for so long. It reiterated our previous comments about Nikki and Daniel being the new ‘lead couple’ so to speak on Season 5 Swing. There may be some of you who watch Swing purely for the ‘porn factor’ and that’s OK. You’re not the kind of people who read Hustler magazine for the articles.

We watch Swing for two reasons; firstly to explore different scenarios in the lifestyle. We watch it, we talk about ‘what if that happened to us’ or ‘oh yeah, remember when that happened’ and engage in open dialogue to reaffirm our own rules and boundaries. Secondly… yeah, OK we watch it for the SEX! We’re really passionate about the Lifestyle and it being portrayed in a positive light, so there are times we watch it and think, NO, NO, NO, we’re not all like that!

Getting back to episode 6 – a great couple, normal, fun, totally into each other, great communicators and I loooove that she had BOOTAY! From the outset, you just know they wouldn’t have any drama in the house. There was a small issue of performance anxiety, which was handled so well, it actually didn’t even turn into an issue but we’ll discuss it for you anyway as it can often rear its head (pardon the pun) at the most inopportune times.

We have had a number of discussions surrounding this and the pressure that is on guys to perform. In this episode, there was so much red room action, so many people in it, and some making a hell of a lot of noise, that Jordan became distracted and had a little trouble getting hard while Nikki gave him a BJ. This is completely understandable and may occur in any situation, be it, late at night, after too many drinks, too many people watching or excessive heat, all which can affect a guys ability to keep a hard erection.

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Now there are two ways this can go, it can kill the mood and be ‘game over’ or, as in this instance, you tackle it together. The couple were really in tune and his wife noticed this was happening, so she came over to help Nikki. PERFECT! We have seen instances where the wife didn’t care and was solely focused on her own sexual experience and left the husband to ‘flounder’ next to her. Not cool.

So, (and here is where we fall in love with Nikki all over again), Nikki suggests that they play next to each other with their partners, then swap for a bit, then swap back…. BINGO! It did the trick and everyone was happy. Incidentally, we find out the next day while the residents are preparing breakfast, that the other residents deliberately left the red room to give them some privacy, sensing the newbies might thrive on a quieter environment.

This is the Swing House I know and love, and the types of people we like to surround ourselves with. I think back to the previous few episodes and wish those newbies were able to experience the group of residents that were in episode 6. There was a great, low key vibe, everybody was accommodating, caring, yet fun and sexy. No bravado, no points scoring, just an atmosphere of mutual respect, which we think is very important. Shout out to Nikki and Dan, who we think are the epitome of what Swing residents should aspire to.


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