Northern Lights – Fire & Ice by Passion Suite Club


Passion Suite Club 1I’m sure you’re like us and have a few Bucket List places you’d like to visit and one of ours just got 100 times better.

The Northern Lights have always been fascinating to me, but being a sun bunny, I was deathly afraid of the cold. Apart from the obvious advantage of very erect nipples, I couldn’t bring myself to do it, until now.

If you listen to our Podcast: The Aussie Swingers, episode 11, you will heave heard our interview with Kevin and Liz from Passion Suite Club and their exciting announcement about a new destination on their sexy, exclusive and exotic itinerary.

We now have the details…. Hot off the Press! We did have to hold off sharing with you because one of the advantages of Passion Suite Club tours, is once you are a member (having traveled before), you gain access to exclusive, pre-release notifications of new destinations before they go public. So, there are only very limited rooms available on this trip and you really need to act fast. There is only one Deluxe room with bathtub left, one Loft Suite left and a few Junior Suites left!

Straight from the horses mouth…


Passion Suite Club 3


‘Some dreams do come true.

For the last several years Liz and I have dreamed of doing a winter lifestyle event.

There’s something so passionately inviting about crisp air on bare skin, a roaring fire and a craft cocktail, and an adventurous group of lifestyle couples sharing a steamy sauna on a magical night.

Passion Suite Club 4

In December, Liz and I had the opportunity to visit a one-of-a-kind winter travel spot and we are beyond thrilled to share it with you!

Many of you have requested a ski trip. This event features heli-skiing, glacier hiking, ice cave spelunking… even dogsledding.

Don’t miss out on Northern Exposure.

 Passion Suite Club 2


Few places in the world capture the traveler’s imagination such as the island nation of Iceland, located just south of the Arctic Circle. While the secret of this UNESCO treasure is already starting to get out, you can finally combine an adventurous tour of this budding global hot spot with a passionate Lifestyle vacation brought to you by Passion Suite Club!’



There are just too many inclusions to list here so make sure you head to Passion Suite Club for all the details. Kevin and Liz will be sure to make it a truly unforgettable experience.