Our Appearance on Playboy Radio!

Now that Playboy Swing season 5 is finished, I bet you’re all looking for something to fill the void, and I have the perfect remedy for those lonely days and sexy nights.

In a random twist of faith, Michael and Holli from Playboy TV Swing, Swing Nightcap Live and Playboy Radio Swing, contacted us and suggested we come on their radio show. Cool right? Well our planets aligned this week and we happened to be visiting friends in California so thought why not? Here are two of the most highly regarded people in the swinging fraternity or as Michael says, ‘family’ reaching out to us to chew the fat (Australian for ‘discuss’) about the Lifestyle… a dream come true.

A dream come true for me, because being an academic, as you will know, I focus on facts and explaining the lifestyle in an informative and non-judgmental manner. Michael from Swing, is currently studying a PhD and they both run seminars on relationships and Swinging. So to discuss this with him was really stimulating (in every sense of the word). Taking out the titles of ‘Best Lifestyle Podcast’ and ‘Best Lifestyle Educators’ in this year’s Annual Lifestyle Awards, these two know their stuff, and being surrounded by Lifestyle Royalty was inspiring and enlightening.

Holli & Michael Award

Which gets me back to their show. We turned up at the Playboy studios and were greeted by Holli and Michael who are some of the warmest, sweetest and sexiest people we’ve met in this wonderful lifestyle that we are a part of. Holli, we must say is a stunning woman inside and out and in the nicest possible way, is even more beautiful than any photo you see on line. Michael is a buff unit, (yes I latched onto those biceps a few times during hugs) really welcoming and affectionate and they are both such consummate professionals in front of the mic. Their chemistry is on point and you can tell they are just totally into each other.

We joined the discussion about 15 minutes in to the show and stayed until the end of the episode. I got “beeped” out a one point there! I said “cock” a few too many times! (Freudian Slip perhaps??)

We feature on episode 311 so get on board, download episodes or listen to them live. You will not regret it! Playboy Radio and Swing with Holli and Michael in particular can help get you through the week, in anticipation of your next swinging adventure or if you are a newbie, your first swinging adventure. They are filled with education, opinion, advice, love and support. They mean what they say, and say what they mean; very refreshing in a world full of half truths and misconceptions.

We were humbled to be a part of their show and thank them for their hospitality, advice and support for our future podcasting career (Click HERE to listen to us & please subscribe!).

And we finished with a happy ending to the show as you can see in the pic below…

Holli & Michael

You can find more about Holli and Michael, their seminars, vacations and bio at their website http://www.holliandmichael.com

You can also catch them on twitter @swingtime69 and while you’re at it, check us out @TheAussieSwing