Playboy Swing Season 5 Has Started!

Swing Season 5 has started! Click HERE to get it NOW!

Each year we wait with baited breath for a new season of Swing to come around and it’s finally here! Season 5 will not disappoint you. Situated again in ‘Sin City’ Vegas, you’ll find some of your favorite residents and some new ones.

Click HERE to watch Playboy TV Swing Season 5, Episode 1.

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We love Episode 1 for a couple of reasons. First, it clears up a common misconception about the Lifestyle, or at least the Lifestyle according to us. A young horny man enters the Swing House wanting have have a much sex as possible with as many people as possible in as many ways as possible. He leaves, knowing that it’s the friendships and personal connections that makes the Lifestyle so special. We completely agree and have met so many cool and respectful people, many of whom we are in regular contact with and vacation with throughout the year.

The second reason why we like this episode are the sexy games they play as ice breakers, which we will use in the future, usually in a jacuzzi at one of our preferred resorts.

Interestingly in this episode, the couple had made a pact to say YES to EVERYTHING! (or get a spanking) A risky proposition and not something we’d recommend as a blanket rule when entering a Swinging situation but each to their own. They talk about pushing boundaries, but we recommend that boundaries are set, and you check in with each other if deviating from the plan.

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