Questions For Swinging Couples


Today’s post will have you pondering a few thoughts for you & your partner to discuss. As we have said all along – trust & open lines of communication are two of the biggest elements of a healthy relationship that are pre-requisites of swinging.

How well do you know each other’s expectations and expected outcomes from your swinging adventures?

Do you both know the boundaries or rules that you have set for each other, and do you always stick to them?

If you wanted to modify a rule, how would you bring it up?

Do you have equality in both your relationship, and in your swinging lifestyle?

There is a TV program called Swinger Wives which follows 4 couples as they plan their encounters and then their reactions to what is about to happen or what has just happened. I will be blunt and say that it is a very ordinary account of 4 relationships that have some serious issues. They are airing their differences for all to see, and if they want to be a part of the lifestyle then some healthy discussion needs to take place between each couple.

That is where this book comes into play in that you will find some great questions to generate discussion and learn more about your partner.

We like to watch Playboy TV Swing and during each episode we like to talk about what happened and how we would react in those situations. We already have a rock solid relationship with a ‘no bullshit’ approach to everything, but it is still good to watch through these situations and discuss what we would do.

You can see the 1000 Questions For Couples Here.



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