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Desire Resort Cabo Trip Report

Since our trip report last week we have had plenty of feedback and questions from readers, so we thank you for your input. Here is something that a friend we made on the trip, kindly allowed us to post here for any people wondering what to expect for the first time from a first timer’s perspective.

It is a fantastic read and you will really understand the thoughts and uncertainties you will have as a first timer.

“Where to begin….

A story of saga, drama, love and laughter. It’s a long read but it might be helpful for those of you going for a first time.

My wife and I were looking for a summer vacation. I took the lead. Options were a cruise, beach in Miami, something in the Caribbean, Aruba, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo. I did some searching for Adult only, all inclusive. Then towards the end I added “topless” to the wonderful Google machine. A couple of places spit out… but one in particular stands out; Temptations in Cabo. Cool!

She’s on board for that (even though she’s never been topless in public before). But right before I book it, I notice that during our stay, the resort will be changing to Desire. Ok…. So what…. A little research on Desire… and Blam-o! It’s a clothing optional resort and optionally more if you want. I gulp… and present my wonderful findings to my wife. Lets just say she initially looses it. Tears and all…. Ok… so I guess we look for a plan B.

A couple of days go by and she decides… Fuck it. Lets go….

I think I shed little baby crocodile tears when she said that! (I definitely added it to my “proud of my awesome wife” memory bank.) As a side note…. I’ve never known a girl with a more adventurous side than her. Bonus! Wink BTW, the day after we book, she tells me …. Maybe we should book an extra day! Double Bonus!!

Ok, so now we’re over the decision and pay phase… what next. Thank god for the Desire forum and its diligent moderators. (yes you E&J!) We had so many questions and the members and moderators were quick to answer.

1) Will we fit in?
Wow. Did we over think that one. I think we imagined that we were going to be thrown into a shark tank wearing meat shorts. It couldn’t have been further from the truth. If you’re there to Tan, Drink (or Not), Sunbathe, Laugh, Hang out in the pool or Jacuzzi, eat, sleep, and get into the Theme nights….. You can’t help but to have a great time.

2) Everyone’s in the Lifestyle. Will we stick out?
Fair question since we just didn’t know. The reality is…. You are who you are and who you are isn’t defined by a label. Our experience is that I don’t think I’ve met a cooler bunch of people who were genuinely just fun to be around. And their labels… who knows. We talked to TONS of people and we didn’t lead of with “label yourself.” It just didn’t matter. You DO meet the coolest people ever and it leads to great conversations and great times.

3) Clothing optional or not. What is it really?
The reality of it is….. No body really cares if you go fully clothed, topless, bottomless or some crazy combination of it all. There’s no pressure to conform although I personally felt a relief when I started shedding clothes. It really is a freedom that we don’t often experience in the land of rules. Naked or partially clothed becomes the norm and you really become oblivious to clothing status. Until you try to get lunch that is. It would be cool if you could order food to your chair or pool bed…..

4) How “sexy” do clothes really get for dinner and theme nights?
Wow! Well… for dinners most ladies wore sexy often reveling dresses…. and god bless them! For theme nights and the disco….. All bets are off! From some who wore their dinner dresses to theme nights…. To those who went all out …… or those who wore pretty much nothing but jewelry …. (ya gotta love Texas!)
It’s a ton of fun when everyone gets into the theme nights, but again…. This crowd doesn’t judge and what you do is up to you. It was just fun to shop with my wife for theme nights. I actually heard her say “ I don’t think this dress is see through enough!” Again… I’m so proud of her! ..sniff…sniff…! Wink

5) The jacuzzi… Aww Snap! What a blast. Great after a day in the pool… Better after theme nights and awesomely crazy late night. Don’t miss the jacuzzi… Big smile.. Very Happy

It was kind of up and down while we waited for the day to head to Cabo. There were great days when we shopped and talked about our trip and some bummer days when my wonderful wife started over thinking the unknown. The process of booking the trip though, I believe, really did open up a new line of communication at a different level than we’ve experienced before. And it’s all good!

We did get over some hurdles…. Like having to buy an extra airline ticket right before takeoff…… long story.

While waiting for our plane to board….. my wife was kind of freaking out. She was sitting in the airport picking out all the couples who where heading to Desire. She was profiling what a Desire couple would look like and worrying about what the other passengers would think of all of us. She was sure she knew who was going to desire. Yup…. She was wrong as we were the only ones on the flight, but this became our first lesson in perceptions.

Why the ups and downs? Not really sure. Maybe because society has shoehorned us into a mold that we’re supposed to fit in and if we deviate from that mold we feel …. uncomfortable. Most of us generally don’t like to put ourselves into a position that’s uncomfortable therefore we feel anxious. I learned on this vacation to expand my mold and stop worrying so much about superficial things.

I remarked a couple of times while there to our new friends that I was really intrigued with the psychology of the whole experience. It truly is a mind bender. Once you get over the fact that the woman you’re talking to is topless or naked, you begin to listen to what they have to say and begin to find out how they are as a person. WHAT? I know!! Imagine that. She’s naked and I’m actually listening to what she has to say! It defies all common thinking.

One thing that I think stood out was that it seemed to me that the couples who had spent time topless or naked seemed to get more comfortable with themselves, which caused them to want to be less clothed more often which seemed to give them great confidence in themselves. A crazy, awesome, vicious circle. And just when you think these women can’t get any sexier…. They put on revealing outfits for the night. Wow….. I just couldn’t wait to start the cycle over the next day. What a place……

The women were all absolutely beautiful. Each different in their own way but it’s the uniqueness of each that make them o so beautiful. Looking back on it…. I honestly don’t remember a single flaw on anyone. Believe it or not ladies…. if you have any flaws we can’t see them and we don’t care! It doesn’t matter here.

What would I change? Not much.
I wouldn’t upgrade from a Garden View room unless it was to a Jacuzzi room. We really didn’t spend that much time in the room and since we were on the 3rd floor, we got a workout each day. It was a quiet room.
We stayed 8 nights but in fairness, I think 6 or 7 would have been better. We found that we had to rally at the end because we were having too much fun to miss anything. Rallying for 9 days is tough. Rally Monkey!

Burned into my memory…. I’m getting a drink at the swim up bar…. The Cabo Desire song starts playing…. There’s E and my wife standing in the shallow end…. Singing along…. Doing the “Hey Hey baby….Would you be my girl” dance…. The two beautiful blondes are mesmerizing, dancing, smiling and laughing….. What a thing to remember!

Synopsis: We had a lot of fun. We met some really cool people who we hope to see in the future. I spent most of the vacation naked and my wife spent most of it topless, often in a thong. The place was perfect, the food was fine, the drinks were a little light but mostly brand name, the staff was outstanding, the pool temps were as good as you could want but most importantly…. the atmosphere was ….. energized, happy, exciting and erotic. Could you want for more?

We laugh daily at some of the sayings that came out of this trip (thanks E&A). We look at each other and laugh at memories of the shenanigans. We grew as a couple in so many ways. And yes…. We’re looking at dates for our second trip!”

We at are extremely appreciative of this new friend of ours allowing us to post this review. I know a lot of you will have received a lot of helpful advice and insights from it.

If anyone else would like to post any reviews here, please email

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