TAS Ep 35 – Rumourz Gold Coast New Years Eve

Al & Ellie fly north to the Gold Coast for a whirlwind visit to christen new club Rumourz for New Years Eve. You may remember them being interviewed at Passion in Paradise and a few things have changed since then. Ellie chats to sexy Sam while Al helps Brett with some finishing touches on the club. The girls have some one on one time in the VIP lounge only interrupted by Loz swinging her bootie on the pole (love that girl!). An amazing club, wonderful people and certainly an asset to the Lifestyle.

Al paints a lovely picture of their version the “Eiffel Tower” experience, but as he likes to call it now, “Capital A”

20.04 – Ellie & Sam do a mobile walk through of the club and talk about the different areas. The audio may be hard to hear due to background noise so best to listen to that part with headphones or on desktop or skip forward to Al & Ellie’s chat.

33.29 – Al & Ellie, on NYD, talk about the fun of the night before. They then do their own recap of the night with their own walk through description of Rumourz in case the mobile walk through was too hard to hear.

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