Single Guys In The Swing Lifestyle.

single guys in the swing lifestyle

I know there are many single guys in the swing lifestyle, so today’s post is aimed squarely at you to help improve your chances of connecting with a couple and enjoy the lifestyle.

From personal experience, we have been somewhat pestered by single guys to a very annoying point. From our on line profile mail inbox being swamped with single male requests despite us clearly stating that we are not looking for a single guy, to being at parties and gatherings and they don’t receive our polite requests that we are not interested in playing.

So this comes back to the huge part of swinging – communication. Some guys will need to learn the art of communication or to at least refine their skills in that area. One great way to help you is to simply practice talking to people who you don’t know in any social setting.

Once you start talking, then you can all work out if you want to get more involved with each other. You need to become extremely comfortable talking to new people, and this will increase your chances of a happy outcome for all involved.

These communication skills will not only help you in a swinging situation, but in all aspects life. How do you go about learning this art of communication? Well, the first thing you need is confidence, and the ability to show it in the right way. And here is just the video you need to see right now that will show you how to get it, and how to develop it. Check it out below.


So, learn how to start a conversation in a non-sexual environment and this will help you immensely when it comes to meeting couples in a club. You will appear as though you are there for fun, and not because it is your final resort for getting sex. This will make others become more comfortable in your presence and will increase your chance of a successful outcome.

So, develop confidence in yourself and express it in the right way. Click below to find out how!


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