Swing Open House – Behind the Scenes of Swing

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Swing – Open House has just started airing on playboy.tv. This short series was designed to get us all ready in anticipation for the upcoming season 5 of Playboy Swing. I have been told by Playboy TV that they filmed 3 episodes of Open House, and 8 episodes of Swing.

Swing Season 5 Open House

Episode 1 of Open House featured “viewer favorites” which are the couples who entered the Swing House as newbies, and enjoyed the experience so much that they returned as residents.

Have a look at a sample of episode 1 of Swing Open House below…

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And please keep an eye out for start if the actual series of Swing Season 5. I have been told that June 20th is the date of release, and June 25th online.

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But either way, these episodes are not to be missed! I will post a sample of episode 1 of season 5 as soon as I see it released!