Swing Season 5 Finale – Nice Guys Finish Last… or Not at All.

I just love it when an episode of Playboy Swing starts a discussion between my beloved and I that carries into the next day (on our daily beach walk). Just when you think you know everything about your partner, a topic will come up that opens up a whole new dialogue, which I’ll share with you. So much to talk about, so little space.

Lora and Brett, a couple in an open relationship who had previously experienced threesomes but never had a full swap are the newbies in this episode. Once again, we watch with interest, as we have previously had an open relationship, but decided to take a break from it. It sometimes stretched us a bit thin and diluted the time available for each other so as of today, we are not actively open, but it’s not off the table. I find we go through different phases with Swinging. Sometimes we’re doing something most weekends and other times we won’t hook up for a couple of months. Ebbs and flows. Open relationships can work for some people really well, or at certain times in your life and for others it can be not something they would even consider. That is the beauty of the Lifestyle.

Now, we spend a portion of the episode trying to figure out what was tattooed on Brett’s knuckles. It was ‘Open Mind’ not ‘Mind F**k’ as I initially thought. I like it, the perfect attitude for the LS. Lora clearly enjoyed sex (Go Guurrllll!!!) and got a lot of action in the red room. Even throughout the day, it was great to see her go at it during the watermelon lube game (silicon lubricant of course is mandatory for all water activities nocturnal and otherwise). I’m going to gloss over the 2 full swap + orgy action as you can see it in full here… Click HERE to see Playboy Swing all 5 Seasons! I don’t think It requires any further clarification. They came, they saw, they came, they came again (is that how the saying goes?).

I want to talk about the discussion with Dr Jess afterwards where the topic was raised surrounding Brett not ‘cumming’. It bothered Lora so they discussed it as a couple during the de-brief. Brett said that ejaculation wasn’t a necessary element or barrier to his enjoyment of sex. I turned to Al and said ‘Is this true?’ and he answered ‘Absolutely!’ I guess the rest of this post is now targeted at the girls, because my mind was well and truly blown with this revelation. Guys, feel free to read and comment below.

Al relayed to me that there has always been a message drilled into guys not to cum too soon. So I guess psychologically, guys would rather be one who didn’t cum rather than the dude who finished prematurely (or before the girl orgasmed). Geez, I thought being a guy was easy!

For me, I used to look at guys ejaculating as some sort of prize, like you’re racing to the finish line and BOOM, 1st place, here is your prize (yum). I used to sometimes felt dejected when Al didn’t cum. Those silly girl thoughts ‘what is wrong with me?’, ‘aren’t I doing it right?’, ‘Am I not hot?’… chicks hey!? I also learnt that in the Lifestyle, some couples have a rule to only finish with each other, so it became half normal to have sex with a guy and not to have him finish with you.

So ladies, sex is a journey not a destination for many guys and you will only know if you have open communication with your man. Don’t get in your own head, it’s not all about you.

Sadly, this is the last episode of Playboy Swing Season 5. We sincerely would like to thank all of the residents and newbies for opening their lives, knowledge and experiences with us. It’s easy for the general public to criticise and critique episodes and performances but the lesson here is that Lifestyle experiences don’t always go according to plan. To keep Playboy Swing organic in nature, they do not script the episodes.

We do hope that you have found our reviews fair, insightful and respectful to all involved and stay tuned for more exciting adventures here. Our podcast is almost ready to go live (we hope you understand our Aussie accents)… contact us if you would like to chat with us.