Swinging and Communication.

Communication with your partner whilst swinging.

Swinging is an amazing experience for couples to take part in together. It can do wonderous things for your relationship, sex life, and life in general. It is a wonderful feeling to have an open sexual relationship.

Sex is a completely natural experience that humans need, and swinging is a great way to be able to live out some of life’s fantasies. And what better way to do it than with your life partner.

There are a few things to be aware of if you want to try swinging. First of all there must be honest and open communication between you and your partner. You must have a complete understanding of how your partner will react to certain situations. Do you really know them? Do you have an understanding between each other? Just a few of the many questions that need to be asked of each other.

A good piece if advice is that if one of you is no longer ok or comfortable with the situation, then you both stop & leave the situation together. There is no “taking one for the team” in this game so you should not feel the need to continue just because your partner is happy. If one is not happy then both are not happy as you have entered the situation as a couple. We have a “signal” between us that we both know will mean that we are ok and not ok. Then it doesn’t have to be spoken – we just know from the discrete hand or body signal.

This is how we enjoy the lifestyle. We are out there for fun and figure that this is the way we want to participate. You will also need to find out how you want to go about it.

So remember that communication is one of the big keys to successful swinging. That is how we enjoy this lifestyle, by having the highest level of communication and understanding between us.