Swinging Done Right Plus a 3 Couple Swap


Life is about learning and growing, and here at theaussieswingers.com, we’ve realised something. Throughout Season 5 of Playboy Swing, we got caught up on talking about the lessons learnt in episodes that perhaps had a bit of drama or controversy, rather than focusing on the episodes that were successful and pretty straight forward, and we’re a bit embarrassed by that. We should have included celebrations of the Lifestyle, rather than looking for the fails, so we’re stepping back in time to revisit an episode which was a perfect example of Swinging done right, and how to approach it when one half of the couple has considerably more experience in the Lifestyle than the other.

Now, we’re not writing this post because we just interviewed this incredible couple on our podcast ‘The Aussie Swingers’ (listen to it here), we just think it’s a really relevant point to address. Most of the time, I would say, brand new couples entering the lifestyle, have the same experience level. I think though, with those of us who are on second marriages or long term relationships that began in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, you’re looking at a whole range of life experiences that have been experienced separately up to that point. So inevitably, you can find vast differences in sexual experience.

When one of you has been in the Lifestyle before and the other hasn’t, it can bring up issues that need to be addressed. If the woman is the inexperienced partner, she may feel inadequate and that she is not enough to feed her mans sexual appetite or feel that her sex is boring, particularly if he has had a flavorsome past. Even if it’s the other way around, the man may suffer from jealousy, or inadequacy issues. All of which need to be addressed early on in the relationship, particularly if participation in the Lifestyle is something that either one of you intend to continue doing.

This episode of Playboy Swing is textbook 101 how it is done right….for them.




Having watched the episode, then interviewing Krysie and Craig, then watching it again (come on, how could you not!!), it all comes together and it is great to find out what happens to couples after the Swing House. That’s why we were so devastated when we found out Holli and Michael’s Swing Nightcap Live would not be the complimentary program after Swing this year.

Krysie and Craig entered the house knowing exactly what they wanted, they made it happen. They were bubbly and social from the get go, and threw themselves into everything that was happening. Probably the greatest moment, and the reason you all want your wives to be like Krysie, was when she announced to the house that it was Craig’s birthday and a group BJ soon ensued with the 5 hot residents.

See a snippit of their episode here:



It was clear, that even though Craig had extensive previous lifestyle experience, that he put Krysie firmly in the drivers seat and held back, letting her discover what is was that she was comfortable with, rather than coaching or leading her along his idea of the path she should take. The whole Swing House idea was Krysie’s and her rationale was that it’s a safe, controlled environment away from their local area, so if it all a turned pear shaped, they didn’t have to see those people again. This was is actually a smart idea by Krysie but as it turns out….well, we’ll let you see for yourself.

The enticement of the Lifestyle for Krysie, was that people she knew in the Lifestyle all seemed to have that ‘extra oomph’ in their relationship and she wanted it! Their goal going into the house was a full swap and aim in the Lifestyle, was to have a deeper emotional connection between each other and a sexual one with the other couples. Craig admitted that this was a new experience for him, because he hadn’t previously swung with someone he was truly, deeply in love with….awwww, melts my heart….don’t you just want to fuck him?

In the episode, it was clear that Krysie and Craig were vibing with a few of the residents which resulted in a 6 way swap of sorts in the red room. Man, I wish we were there! It was a hot mess of bodies and an extremely erotic orgy to watch.




On the debrief with Dr Jess the morning after, and even in their post coital snuggle, Krysie was honest about her feelings was taking the time to process them. At the time she was feeling neutral about the whole situation, but like Dr Jess says, leave it a few days before forming an opinion on it due to the hormones still running though your body. So it really is important not to jump to conclusions and really take time figure out what you like and don’t like when beginning in the lifestyle. I asked Krysie about this and she said it took a couple more interactions for her to get comfortable seeing Craig with another woman but now, there’s no stopping them.

Even now, when we have sex with couples, we decompress over a few days, predominantly because you remember some details later on, once the buzz has worn off, and that buzz can last a couple of days if it’s a rockin’ time!

We are definitely going to touch base with Krysie and Craig again, because their Swinging life has gone from strength to strength and they have some really exciting developments, including Party Hosting….but I’ll let them tell you more about it themselves here. Don’t forget to check out their website www.krysieandcraigswing.com for all their upcoming events and join their group for exclusive invites to the hottest parties.