TAS Ep 40 – Ellie ditches Al for Cooper

Ellie ditches Al for an hour of power with Cooper S. Beckett, author of ‘A life less monogamous’ and soon to be released ‘Approaching the Swingularity’. You will no doubt know the voice as one of the founding members of Life on the Swingset Podcast (Happy 7 year anniversary guys!).

Ellie received an advance copy of Coop’s new book and shares her thoughts with him but really just wanted to listen to that smooth, velvety voice in her ears. Hear a sneak preview of the book (due for release April 18, 2017) and all about what is sure to be one of the most enjoyable and memorable reads of the year.

Purchase Coop’s new book, Approaching the Swingularity here: http://theaussieswingers.com/cooper

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