TAS Ep 43 – We Drink With Nikki & Dan From Toyride.

Ellie and Al chat with the super sexy Nikki & Dan from Playboy TV Toyride and Playboy TV Swing. It’s Dick Taco’s on the menu today as they share their favorite toys and their journey from Swing to Toyride. If you loved them back in Swing, you’ll love them in Toyride where they visit toy manufacturers and get to take home goodies to try with their friends such as Al & Sparkle, Michael & Kimberley, Donnie & Nicole as well as Heather, the mystical unicorn.

Ellie is excited she’s found a woman who says ‘Fuck’ more than her and makes a drinking game out of the podcast. Nikki and Dan also help Ellie decide on the 3 best toys to pack for a vacation. Love these guys so much!

Quiz: How many dildos are you allowed to own in Texas? Answer: Listen to find out!


Free preview of Toyride: http://www.theaussieswingers.com/toyride

Nikki and Dan’s website: https://www.dirtylovegames.com/

Dick Taco: http://theaussieswingers.com/DickTaco

Eva: http://theaussieswingers.com/Eva

Have a 2 day binge of Swing and Toyride for a buck!