The ebb and flow of the Lifestyle

Swinger Party

I remember a little while back, we took a break from Swinging. Life was hectic and we barely had time for each other let alone our play friends. So we took time out. We told our close Lifestyle friends and look our profiles down or made them quite generic and therefore less desirable, we just needed ‘our time’.

During our self imposed hiatus, I was having a discussion with someone and was told, well how can you be a Swinger if your haven’t played for X months. Ahhh, the judgmental Swinger.

I wouldn’t go so far to say ‘once a Swinger, always a Swinger’, but perhaps ‘once a Swinger, with the intention of Swinging again’, identifies as a Swinger. Even if Swinging was not on the horizon ever again, just a sexy, open attitude can keep your Lifestyle cred intact in my book. Not that there is anything to prove to anyone but yourselves, but I entertained the discussion, in an attempt to relay that the Lifestyle is more a mental state as well as/or a physical one.


For us, the Swinging is a hobby and the Lifestyle is our outlook. As with any sport or activity, there will be off-seasons, injuries, down time and speed bumps such as children, deployments or surgery that interrupt your regular ‘physical’ activities. But in your head, when the stresses of everyday life don’t consume your thoughts, you are still the same sexy beast you always were.


Love Swingers


For us, the Lifestyle is about quality over quantity and a journey not a destination. For others it will be different. You may have the ability to attend a party or event every weekend, or you may be geographically challenged and only be able to do it once every couple of months. Whatever it is, remember, you do not have to justify your participation to anyone. There are no medals being handed out and no award for Swinger of the year. Your journey is a personal one. So when you face the judgmental Swinger, rest assured that it is really none of their business, but if you find comfort in this article and feel like engaging in the discussion, feel free to share.

As we enter our 6th year in the Lifestyle, we have shared many wonderful experiences and a few not so great. We don’t know everything about the Lifestyle, but if we can help someone, we will. We believe it’s our responsibility, not only as bloggers and podcasters, but also as human beings to took after one another and spread a positive message for our community. We’ve seen many people become consumed by Swinging and ultimately burn out. And others who provide misguided, naive and plain irresponsible content and messages that have the potential to cause hurt to people.

We are a minority in the general community which is all the more reason to respect each other and build people up, rather than tear each other down.