The Swingers Cruise!

We are excited… very excited! The Swinger’s Cruise is now rapidly approaching! We are a tick over 11 weeks away from what will be a memorable swinging vacation (or ‘holiday’ as us Aussies say!). We will also be having a few days to rest at Desire Los Cabos prior to the cruise – well, we have to in order to make the long journey from Australia worth our time!

We have been training quite regularly in the gym so we can look our best when November 11th comes about. As the cruise is 11 weeks away, now is the best time for you to get into the gym or to start an exercise program to make some significant physical change by the time the cruise starts.

Here is the best fitness program you will find to whip you into shape well before we set sail. Have a look at the video in the link below.

Get in Shape NOW for the Cruise!

So there is still plenty of time for you to get yourself in tip top shape for the adventure of a lifetime! We are looking forward to meeting all you if you are going on the Swingers Cruise!

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