What Really Happens Behind The Scenes…

Since we told you all about the search for new couples for season 4 of Playboy TV Swing, you have been asking us questions about the process and everything ‘behind the scenes’. Yes we have applied but nothing has happened yet, so we went straight to the source and asked the incredibly sexy, delightful and beautiful star from season 3 – Emily to answer all your questions! Emily - Playboy Swing Season 3

This is an exceptionally rare glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes of one of the “realest” reality TV shows today. So we asked Emily the following…

– How does the application process work for resident couples and for newbies? I.e. what are the stages? It varies from couple to couple. Playboy has you fill out questioners, runs a background check and of course a STD check too. It’s completely worth the process.

– Do you spend a couple of weeks in the house and swing every night or do you do it over a few weekends? Last season we were there for all eight episodes. We spent three weeks in the Swing house and we had a few days off after a few days of filming. It was so much fun we could have gone without any days off. During a typical day of filming, you start around 10 and finish when the action is done for the night… which could be very late. And there’s frequent breaks to eat, check emails, and make phone calls.

– Who thinks up the ‘ice breaker’ or ‘mood setter’ activities? Playboy’s production team and some of the resident couples offer their suggestions.

– Did you ever film episodes that never made to air due to no ‘action’ or fighting? No, the show is not scripted or edited to falsify the scene. It’s the only REAL reality TV out there.

– What makes a good resident couple? We feel a good resident couple should be secure as a couple, willing to give advice on topics ranging from basic to advanced swinging in an educational and non-judgmental format and welcoming. Bottom line this is all about the newbies experience and as a resident, we are here to help guide and educate them.

– What makes a good newbie? We feel a good newbie is a couple who is curious about the swing lifestyle and wants to step into a controlled and safe environment.

– Do you have extra couples on ‘standby’? I believe Playboy does “just incase”

– What do you think the optimum number of residents should be in the house? Last season there was six resident couples at any given time. We feel this was a good number as it allowed diversity, a good range for possible chemistry and attraction and various viewpoints that could be shared amongst the newbies.

– Are all residents members of Kasidie? What about Newbies? Not all residents and newbies were members of Kasidie, but the majority were and for those that were not they are all on now for the most part. We give them a special “celebrity” seal on the site.

(If you’re not yet a member of Kasidie, Emily has provided you a free trial membership for reading our site! – CLICK HERE. Thanks Emily!)

– And lastly, one selfish one for us…….when are you going to have an Australian couple as residents? (yes, we have applied). We would love to see you on the show. HOT! It’s ultimately up to Playboy as Kasidie just helps as casting agents of the show.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Playboy Swing (which rock have you been living under), and you are in or considering the Lifestyle, you really need to watch every episode of all 3 seasons.

See some Playboy Swing samples from our YouTube channel here.

Even though we are an experienced couple, it has opened our eyes to situations we have not yet experienced and what to look out for especially when couples are struggling with the concept. As Emily said earlier, ‘the show is not scripted or edited to falsify the scene’ and ‘It’s the only REAL reality TV out there.’



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